Reports Of Demonic Possessions Are Skyrocketing, And Now The Catholic Church Is Doing Something About It


You may think demonic possessions are something that only exist in the movies. Just some figment of a person’s imagination that never actually happens. Well, The Church believes differently. Which is probably why The Vatican is training more exorcists since the number of reported demonic possessions have risen a lot in the last few years.

A Sicilian priest named Benigno Palilla told Vatican Radio that the demand for priests who are trained in exorcism is at an all-time high. This is because the number of reported cases of demonic possession in Italy has grown to 500,000 annually. 

What could be the reason behind this rise in the devil entering the bodies of people? Well, Palilla has a theory. He thinks the popularity of tarot cards, psychic readings, and fortune tellers are to blame since they “open the door to the devil and to possession.” He did note however, that some reported possessions are simply people with psychological problems.

Palilla is also concerned about inexperienced priests having to perform exorcisms. It apparently takes some time to master. “A self-taught exorcist certainly meets errors,” he said. “I will say more: it would also take a period of apprenticeship, as happens for many professionals.”

Perhaps these possessions are the reason the world is so nutty these days. Hopefully The Vatican can sort all of this out and help the people who need exorcisms.