Sadly, The World Will Not Be Getting An Unhappy Poop Emoji

Joe Welkie
sad poop emoji is not happening
(Photo: sad poop emoji is not happening)

For those of you who were excited about a particular emoji being included in the 2018 batch of new emoji, you may be disappointed to find out the sad poop emoji is not happening.

It’s a shock to us all, and I’m sure a lot of us are disappointed, but the creators of the popular ideograms have decided to nix the idea of a frowny-faced chunk of shit.

The symbol was one of the proposed new emoji, but the group that creates them considered its inclusion to be “embarassing.” The Unicode Consortium, the company in charge of creating and releasing emojis, said they haven’t permanently nixed the idea of changing the facial expressions on the pile of poop, but as of this moment, they aren’t too high on the idea.

we won't be getting the sad poop emoji

One man, Michael Everson, a typographer at The Unicode Consortium said, “This should embarrass absolutely everyone who votes yes on such an excrescence.”

Some pretty strong words coming from a man who creates emojis for a living. Seems like he might be the living embodiment of the sad pile of poop emoji. Why are you choosing to deny us of an emoji that we actually want, Everson?!

Unfortunately, Everson wasn’t alone in the sentiment. Typographer, Andrew West wrote, “Is there really any need to add a range of emotions to PILE OF POO?”

YES, THERE IS! And if they existed I’d give the both of you a big fat steaming pile of angry and sad poop.

It’s 2017. We have a full range of skin tones for just about every emoji. And we won’t be getting the sad poop emoji.