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Shakespeare Quotes Everyone Gets Wrong

Shakespeare Quotes Everyone Gets Wrong May 1, 2018

    Popular Shakespeare quotes everyone gets wrong

    William Shakespeare’s plays are highly quotable, but there are some Shakespeare quotes everyone gets wrong. To be fair, he did write many plays, and they aren’t short. (The man loved his five-act structure.) And while a couple of these idiomatic alterations are rather minor, most of them are downright egregious. In fact, there are even times when the popular quote completely contradicts the meaning of the source material. If you’re going to quote the Bard, you may as well quote him correctly. We’re ready to set the record straight in this gallery of popular Shakespeare quotations no one can seem to get right.

    Now Is The Winter

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    “Now is the winter of our discontent” has grown into a very popular turn of phrase. It comes from the Shakespeare play “Richard III” and it suggests that something about the current situation is such a bummer, it’s basically winter. Maladjusts and other brooding types might take to this interpretation. But the a deeper reading favors another, brighter meaning.