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Tiny Tattoos So Rad You’ll Be Dying To Drop Big Money On Them

Tiny Tattoos So Rad You’ll Be Dying To Drop Big Money On Them May 22, 2018

small tattoos for girls

What are some cool, small tattoos for girls?

Tiny tattoos are arguably the biggest thing to hit the tattooing industry in the last several years. The trend probably results from a world where everyone suffers from a crushing fear of commitment. So itty bitty tats are an easy way to tell said world just how rebellious you are without a lifelong attachment to a full Japanese bodysuit. Small tattoos are cute, sweet and generally hard to spot from a distance. (BUt isn’t that the ultimate appeal anyway?). While we can’t stop you from getting in on the small tattoos  trend – and why would we want to? – we can give you a few options. So check out these ideas for small tattoos for girls that not every Orange County soccer mom already has pinned to her idea board. 

Inner Arm Rose

tiny tattoos
IMAGE BY: Instagram/

If you’re not willing to commit to a full sleeve (you wuss), this tiny rose just above the elbow is a good alternative. It’s solid, which means you won’t have to worry about the line work disappearing over the following 365 days. Because the last thing you want to do is spend an artist’s minimum on something that won’t make it to your next birthday.

Wrist/Thumb Rose

tiny tattoos
IMAGE BY: Instagram/sashafoteev
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It isn’t exactly teeny tiny, but, damn it, it’s beautiful. The shape of the rose fits perfectly between the thumb and wrist, and the illustrative blackwork style is both strong and feminine. Because you kind of want to get your hands tattooed, but you’ve still got to show up to an office job in business casual.

Ankle Bee

tiny tattoos
IMAGE BY: Instagram/lucasmilk

Maybe you’re a beekeeper by trade. Or your favorite sweetener is honey. Or you really want your ankle to make a tiny political statement regarding the dwindling honey bee population. Whatever your reasoning for getting an itty bitty bee tattoo, you’ll be hard pressed to find this level of detail outside of Milk Ink Tattoo in Brazil.

Wrist Moon And Airplane

tiny tattoos
IMAGE BY: Instagram/playground_tat2

For your love of travel. And crescent moons. And possibly also space travel, although it’d be difficult to get very far into space in just a regular airplane. This one is pretty whimsical as it is, but the pop of red in the moon takes it that extra step.

Evil Eye Behind The Ear

tiny tattoos
IMAGE BY: Instagram/vivotattoo
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The evil eye has become one of the most popular tattoo ideas recently, and there’s good reason for it. For one thing, it’s basically built to be small and indiscreet. It’s an eye, for god’s sake. But it’s also intended as a form of protection, a ward against any malevolent stare in your direction. So, cute and magical. It’s a win-win.

Wrist Elephant

tiny tattoos
IMAGE BY: Instagram/wittybutton_tattoo

This tiny abstract elephant would make an amazing tiny friendship tattoo. Just imagine the possibilities. An elephant and a monkey for the pair who look out for each other (it’s a real thing). An elephant and a donkey for the couple who love each other in spite of their differences. An elephant and another elephant for the two who are basically carbon copies of each other. Endless.

Underboob Birds

tiny tattoos
IMAGE BY: Instagram/tritoan_seventhday

What better way to demonstrate your love of freedom than by getting a series of free-flying birds permanently etched under your free-flying boobs? We're all making a journey, after all. But no one needs to know about your journey except for you and your closest 500 Instagram followers.

Inner Arm Leaves

tiny tattoos
IMAGE BY: harmlessberry
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Botanical tattoos are the shit right now. They’re kind of what happens when you’re not girly enough to do a flower, but too girly to go for one of those forest-landscape-inside-a-triangle deals that everyone who’s ever hiked through Runyon Canyon one time has. Truth is, you don’t really even have to know what kind of botanical it is. Hardly anyone else will either.

Finger Olive

tiny tattoos
IMAGE BY: Instagram/laramaju

Olive branches are symbols of immortality, fertility, peace and abundance. So, obviously, they are perfect tiny-tattoo fodder. The best thing about getting something like an olive branch is this: It can basically be whatever size you want it to be. Looking for tiny? A single olive with two leaves. Something bigger? Get the whole damn branch in a bird’s beak.

Upper Arm Tree Frog

tiny tattoos
IMAGE BY: Instagram/soltattoo

Most tiny tattoos are black and grey, so when you come across one in full color, it’s a pretty celebratory experience. How the hell did the artist pack all of that colorful detail into something that’s essentially the size of a quarter? I don’t know, but I'd sure as hell book a flight to South Korea to find out.

Forearm Crane

tiny tattoos
IMAGE BY: Instagram/pt78tattoo
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Pablo Torre is an artist out of Madrid, Spain, who seems to have a specialty for tiny tattoos that are two things at once. Aside from this origami crane/actual crane shadow number, he’s done the same sort of design with other birds and paper planes. He’s also pretty good at larger tattoos if you’re into that sort of thing.

Flower Behind the Ear

tiny tattoos
IMAGE BY: Instagram/hktattoo_mini

Getting pretty much anything tattooed behind the ear is going to be cute and tiny because, well, it isn’t like there’s a whole lot of surface area there. Unless of course you’re built more like Alfred E. Neuman. At that point, though, I'd have my doubts that anything could be cute or tiny.

Tiny Glasses

tiny tattoos
IMAGE BY: Instagram/drag_ink

Is it a tribute to beloved J.K. Rowling character Harry Potter? Or just a symbol of regular, old myopia? Whatever it is, it’s cute AF. Who would’ve thought that sizing down a pair of round spectacles into a tattoo that fits under a bra strap could make them so much more adorable? The folks at Bang Bang Tattoo in NYC did, that’s who.

Matching Daggers

tiny tattoos
IMAGE BY: Instagram/notcoolneverwas
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These are the must-have tiny matching badass tattoos for matching badass friends. Long gone are the days of sporting half-heart BFF jewelry. This is 2018, and 2018 friends share permanent ink, not trinkets. Because nothing says true friendship quite like, “I will cut a bitch.”

Aquarius Constellation

tiny tattoos
IMAGE BY: Instagram/mjtattooing

It wasn’t so long ago that astrology symbols made for super popular tattoos, especially if the person getting said symbol was a sorority type in her early 20s. Astrology is still a big thing (as if it’ll ever go away), but, nowadays, its tattoo equivalent is a little less "adorable lion" and a little more "starry night." I want you to have to guess my sign, not just give you the answer.

Watercolor Flamingo

tiny tattoos
IMAGE BY: Instagram/robcarvaloart

Call it a marriage of sorts between what are possibly the two most popular tattoo styles currently: miniature and watercolor. It’s kind of unfortunate that this little guy probably won’t make it very many years, on account of both its lack of line work and its color choice. But, damn it, it’s going to be really f---ing adorable for a little while.

Alice in Wonderland

tiny tattoos
IMAGE BY: Instagram/m_tendo
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A single Alice is cute enough, but this series of tiny Alices falling down the rabbit hole might just be the cutest thing I've ever seen. It ticks off every adorable tattoo box there is: It’s minuscule, it’s colorful and it’s an on-point depiction of one of literature’s most beloved characters. I'd be down to fall through this rabbit hole any day.

Forearm Paw Print

tiny tattoos
IMAGE BY: Instagram/tattooist_doy

Typically, paw prints are symbolic of a particular beloved family pet. I don’t know whether this little print is a memorial piece or just a sweet tribute to its wearer’s No. 1 pal, but I'm all about it. Actually, the only thing I'd be more into than this tat would have to be an entire itty-bitty ink dog.

Finger Dinosaurs

tiny tattoos
IMAGE BY: Instagram/tattoobychang

Or maybe a couple of itty-bitty ink dinos! Because I could certainly get behind one or two of these. Hell, give us the entire Jurassic period. Throw in the Triassic and Cretaceous periods for good measure. I've got plenty of finger space available.

Harry Potter

tiny tattoos
IMAGE BY: Instagram/fine.line.tattoos
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What isn’t there to love about Harry Potter? The J.K. Rowling series is rife with symbols just asking to be turned into mini tattoos. You’ve got your obvious choices: the Deathly Hallows symbol, Harry’s scar and glasses. But what about the less obvious ones? Footprints from the Marauder’s Map, maybe? Or the corner stars from the book pages? I love every single one of them.