WEIRD: This Snake Got Trapped Inside A Closed Loop Of Its Own Shed Skin!


(Photo: snake got lost inside its own skin)

Snakes are some of the most deadly predators in nature. They are fearsome, vicious, and literally the embodiment of evil according to some religions. But, other times, they are adorable and aloof. For instance, this snake got lost inside its own skin once it started its shedding process.

The employees at the Australian reptile exhibit said they’ve never seen anything like this. They had to explain to curious visitors what exactly had happened, even though even they weren’t too sure exactly what was going on.

According to the employees at the Alice Springs Reptile Center, the Stimson’s python “shed completely within itself with its tail finishing inside its ‘sloughed (shedded) mouth’.”

The snake, known as Stimmie, was trapped within itself for hours before finally breaking free through a hole created by all the friction. After the snake emerged from the skin, it looked visibly shaken and panicked, but was unharmed physically. But you certainly have to imagine being trapped within your own skin is a bit psychologically damaging.

Really gives a new meaning to the phrase “trapped in your own skin,” doesn’t it? Hopefully Stimmie can calm down and get back to doing normal snake things, like scaring the crap out of everyone who comes within eyesight.