Brilliant Plan To Sneak Vodka Into Stadium Via Sandwich Is Foiled

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Twitter / @Southwell_Races)

One woman headed to Southwell Racecourse in Nottinghamshire, England, with an ingenious plan, but it fell short where so many mediocre delis had before her—she went light on the cold cuts.

Hoping to avoid what are (if the U.K.’s sports arenas are anything like ours stateside) exorbitant stadium prices for adult beverages, one woman came to the thoroughbred racecourse with an interesting sandwich: salami, tomato, and a 350-milliliter bottle of vodka.

Unfortunately for the woman and her brilliant scheme to sneak alcohol into the arena, security officials became suspicious when the sandwich was much heavier than expected—because there was almost no salami on it.

“As part of the security policy throughout the Arc group, we have searches for alcohol, as well as ‘other objects’ as part of the anti-terror measures in place for all sporting venues,” said Mark Clayton, Southwell’s executive director.

Security was so impressed with the ingenuity of her plan to sneak alcohol in that they broke their own rules by holding onto her vodka for her to pick up after her visit. But she didn’t show up to reclaim the bottle or the sandwich it’d come in.

“We usually confiscate the alcohol and destroy it, but on this occasion, impressed by the lady’s ingenuity, we decided she could collect it after racing had finished,” a spokesperson told Fox News. “Needless to say, she didn’t collect the bottle and it is still sat in the racecourse office.


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