Some Jerk Invented an Alarm Clock That Won’t Shut Up ‘Til You Stand on It

Olivia Jakiel
(Photo: OBSEV / YouTube)

Do people invent things just to make others' lives an absolute living hell? I don’t know what kind of evil witchcraft sorcery this is but let me tell you something—I am NOT having it.

Enter “The Ruggie,” an alarm clock that’s basically a rug equipped with a pressure sensor that won’t shut up until you stand on it for at least three seconds. It’s advertised on their Kickstarter page as “the world’s best alarm clock,” but I’m going to go ahead and say that it’s the world’s most annoying alarm clock, because who actually gets up when their first alarm goes off? OVERACHIEVERS, that’s who.

According to their website, this alarm clock mat is not only supposed to get you out of bed on the first try, but will also make you “feel more optimistic, be more productive, and get more out of life.”



They even spew out this fact to make you feel guilty for hitting the snooze button on a regular basis: “If Ruggie can help you wake up even five minutes earlier, assuming you live to 80 years old, you would have gained 100 days to your life,” and go on about how Benjamin Franklin and Winston Churchill only slept less than seven hours a day and—GASP—look how successful they were!

From what I’m gathering, this invention is really just on a mission to make people who love to get some extra shut-eye feel horrible about themselves and guilt them into waking up early because, as they mention, like, seven times in one form or another, “The early bird gets the worm!”

If for some reason you’re interested in backing this ungodly invention, each alarm rug goes for $79 and you also get a free Ebook titled How to Wake Up Early and Build Successful Morning Routines.

I’ll stick to my good old iPhone alarm like a normal person who enjoys their sleep. 

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