Someone Put This Creepy Statue At The Bottom Of A Lake For Divers To Find And It’s The Best Thing Ever


There are a lot of people who consider themselves treasure hunters. They’ll go to remote locations, try to hunt for the unknown, and see if they discover anything. Some people even dive to the bottom of bodies of water to see what discoveries they can find. Well, someone put a statue of Jason Voorhees at the bottom of a lake in Minnesota, and it’s giving divers quite a scare.

at 120 feet deep, this statue isn’t an easy find. You’ll have to do some swimming around first before you see the horrifying visage of one of cinema’s most nefarious killers. Surely, once you find it you’ll be in for a good scare. Just make sure you don’t crap your pants.

The statue has been planted at the bottom of the lake since 2013, and it has attracted a ton of horror movie fans. Diving in the lake has become a tourist hot-spot, and its popularity only continues to grow.

Camp Crystal Lake only seems like it’s a fictional place until you head to the real deal in Minnesota and find Jason lurking at the bottom of the lake. The algae that has been growing on and around the statue makes it just that much creepier.

So head up to Minnesota and take a dive in Camp Crystal Lake…if you dare!