A Squirrel Trashed This Town’s Holiday Decorations And Nearly Ruined Its Celebrations


It’s pretty common for certain people to not be in the Christmas Spirit. It’s certainly not for everyone. But things got out of hand when a squirrel vandalized this New Jersey town’s Christmas decorations. What does this squirrel have against Santa Claus, presents, and amazing decoration? What a killjoy.

Each year, the town of Sea Grit, New Jersey has a Christmas lighting ceremony to officially kick off the start of the holiday season. But soon, there were reports of wires being cut across the town. The police were called in to investigate, but it was a citizen on patrol who snapped a picture of the real culprit…

This Scrooge of a squirrel was caught on camera in the act! The police suspected it was a gang of ruffian teens who were poo-pooing the whole thing, but once they found out about the squirrel, there really wasn’t much they could do.

Luckily, the town of Sea Grit’s Christmas lighting ceremony went off without a hitch once the lights were replaced. No Grinch will be able to keep this town’s spirit down.

The police were unable to apprehend the squirrel, but the decorations will now be under constant surveillance. Hopefully the squirrel has a change of heart though.