This Statue Of Jesus Had A 240-Year-Old Secret Hidden In Its Butt

Joe Welkie
This statue of Jesus held a 240-year-old secret
(Photo: This statue of Jesus held a 240-year-old secret)

It’s always exciting for researchers when they make a shocking discovery that changes the shape of human history. So imagine the amazement on the faces of scientists when they found that this statue of Jesus held a 240-year-old secret hidden within its structure. More specifically, the statue had a time capsule letter hidden up Jesus’ rear-end.

The statue, Cristo del Miserere, was housed at the church of Santa Águeda in Spain and was being removed because of its intense wear and tear. When researchers were examining it, they discovered a secret compartment in the butt that contained a letter from a priest which talked about the time period he was living in.

He also wrote about life at the time — including the name of the king, Carlos III, various aldermen and events of the time.

He detailed the crops cultivated in the region (wheat, rye, barley and oats, and wine grapes); the most common diseases (such as malaria and typhoid fever); and the most popular entertainments of the population (such as cards, ball games, and bar games).

The man who wrote the letter was a priest named Joaquín Mínguez, a chaplain of the Cathedral of the Burgo de Osma. Scientists are regarding his details about life in his time to be eye-opening and very useful for understanding history.