Ummm… The Olympic Ski Jump Center Looks Like It’s Filled With Statues Of Penises


(Photo: Huffington Post)

The Olympics are a grand spectacle and one of the things that make it so grandiose is the effort that goes into creating the Olympic village and stadiums where the events take place. The Olympics bring in top engineers and architects in order to make sure everything looks amazing and the facilities are up to snuff. Well, they may have made a misstep. As you can see, the statues outside the Olympic Ski Jump Center look like penises. That, plus their penises are out for the world to see.


These statues, called “The Bullet Men,” were designed to showcase the way ski jumpers are so aerodynamic as they take flight, but really they just look like dicks. It’s amazing to think that these statues went through so many levels of approval, and no one said, “No, don’t do that.”

Rightfully so, these statues are the subject of a ton of ridicule on the web. And people are getting very creative with it.

People are creating fan art dedicated to these bizarre pieces of art. And some of them are hilarious. Never underestimate the power of the Internet and the trolls who live in that space.

Honestly, that is a pretty incredible piece of coffee art. The detail required to recreate those statues is amazing.

I wish I could translate that status, but I’m pretty sure it would say something like “The Silver Surfer is a real dick head.”

Olympic committee, please learn from this gratuitous error.