Meet Alex: Transgender Youth and Aspiring Model

Danelle Sandoval
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Over the course of our lives, we inevitably find ourselves in daunting situations. Challenges that demand we dig deep to find the strength to fight back and conquer. Whether it’s overcoming our own internal strife, or striking back at our insecurities, we can all relate to each other in some way. We can all find some common ground.

For 12-year-old Alex, a young transgender girl primed for a bright future in modeling, self-pride and a complete and total acceptance of who she is seems to come second nature. It’s a powerful lesson, and something we can all learn from her.


OBSEV/Randy Tran
Alex, with love and support from her mother Lisa, has confided in and connected with many others who share her story. Her conviction and honesty both seem far beyond her years, but with the kind of foundation she’s had throughout life, such traits are hardly surprising.
Lisa first reached out to Slay Model Management after Alex brought up her interest in modeling. After a bit of research, Lisa was pleasantly surprised to discover the agency openly accepted transgender women.
The two were invited to a Slay photo shoot, after which both got to spend a day with the models themselves. I was fortunate enough to get together with both of them and listen to their truly inspirational story.

“Alex’s transition has been very gradual,” Lisa explained. “It started when she was two-and-a-half years old. There was a point for a couple of years where she would say, ‘I’m both. I’m neither.’”


OBSEV/Randy Tran

Throughout Alex’s journey, Lisa admitted that the support and encouragement from the transgender community helped immensely. “With all of the stuff that’s come out with Caitlyn Jenner and other role models like Laverne Cox, there have been some amazing women coming out and really putting a positive image out there. It’s really paving the way for kids like Alex to express who they are, and to tell the world who they are.”

And Alex certainly has no problem expressing herself.

When asked about what she wants to accomplish in the future, Alex explained, “I’d like to accomplish a goal where models don’t need to be female, or models need to be male; they can be whatever gender they want. And also that they can just like anyone and be beautiful–because anyone can be beautiful. You don’t need to be a specific gender to be beautiful.”

She is an undeniably positive role model for any person of any generation.


OBSEV/Randy Tran

Of course, Alex, like everyone else, grows self-conscious every now and again. “When I look in the mirror, I can sometimes be self-conscious,” she says. “But I’m happy with how I turned out. I’m happy with how my life has come about so far. Inside it makes me feel like we’re a big family and we all connect. I know at one point we were all going through the same thing.”

As a 7th grader who enjoys making videos, singing, and gymnastics, Alex clearly encompasses the poise and compassion of one far more mature than one might think at first glance.

To anyone else who may be sharing her same experience, she offered a few words of advice: “Just go for it. Give your all, because the harder you try, the more you’re going to succeed. So if you just try as hard as you can, you will always get what you want.”

Alex couldn’t be any more prepared for stardom, and to use such a platform to become a bright voice for the community she feels so strongly about.

Her mother agreed, expanding further. “Personally, I think all transgender people are gifts. I think they’re rare gems and have something to teach us. Rather than rejecting them, we need to be opening our arms and welcoming them because they have a lot to tell us.”

Alex tells us Chanel is one of her favorite designers. We’re looking forward to seeing her walk down that runway in the near future.




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