This Stray Dog Gets Its Matted Fur Shaved Off Can’t Stop Smiling About It

Joe Welkie
dog had her matted fur shaved
(Photo: dog had her matted fur shaved)

There is hardly anything more depressing than the story of an abandoned dog. But luckily for Holland, her story has a happy ending. This dog had her matted fur shaved down and it completely transformed her life and her story is one of triumph and the type of thing animal shelters see just about every day unfortunately.

On September 27, Holland was dropped off at an open-access shelter and that’s when her dramatic transformation began. She was malnourished, had horribly matted hair, and was visibly shaken about the harshness of her life. Luckily, The Trio Foundation swooped her up and gave her a life-saving makeover.

this dog had her matted fur shaved

Holland’s fur was so matted that she required sedation for the specialists to remove it. They were worried she wouldn’t survive or tolerate the grooming if she was left awake.this dog had her matted fur shaved

As you can see, her matted hair caused quite a bit of problems. She had difficulty eating and moving, but soon, her life would turn around completely.this dog had her matted fur shaved

Once the fur was shaved off, there was a noticeable change in attitude. Holland was spry and ready to play. Fortunately, there weren’t any skin conditions she was suffering from, just a few minor scrapes and bruises.this dog had her matted fur shaved

After months of medicine and emotional rehabilitation, Holland found her forever home and we couldn’t ask for a better ending to this story.