Tao Nightclub Offers A Vegas V.I.P. Experience For Clubbing On A Budget

Paul Ciampanelli
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If you’re going to party in Las Vegas, you want to do it right. But not everyone has the budget for bottle service. For a younger crowd that wants an inclusive nightclub experience without breaking their still-burgeoning bank accounts, Tao Nightclub in Las Vegas offers a new option: V.I.We, an accessible luxury experience for clubgoers on a budget.

Tao’s marketing director Mike Snedegar dreamed up the idea for V.I.We based on the success of shared-economy business models like Uber Pool and Airbnb. Here’s how it works: V.I.We customers purchase access to a designated V.I.We section of the club. Tickets are $50 for women and $100 for men. By pooling their collective resources, V.I.We customers can enjoy a certain level of exclusivity for a fraction of the cost of typical bottle service.

But V.I.We is more than just clubbing on a budget. It’s also a new kind of social experience. With V.I.We, customers can enjoy a more intimate setting than at a regular club, but not so closed off from other people as a typical V.I.P. section.

“I’m really working to create a party within a party,” Snedegar told Vegas Seven. “It’s a way for people to save money, but it’s also a way for people to meet [others] they might not have met if they’d bought a separate table or if they had just bought general admission [access].”

Snedegar knows that true bottle service isn’t going away anytime soon; there will always be a demand for ultra-premium services. But for young partiers, traveling businesspeople and smaller groups, V.I.We provides a best-of-both-worlds option. And added choice is the key.

“The more options you can give to the customer,” Snedegar says, “the happier they’re going to be.”

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