How In The World Did This Kid End Up In A Claw Machine?


(Photo: Titusville Fire Department)

Firemen are an essential part of human existence. They do so much work for the community and without them, let’s be honest, there’d be a lot less people walking around on the planet. And just when you though they couldn’t do more for the world, the fire department had to rescue this kid from a claw machine in Titusville, Florida.

The boy, whose name is Mason, somehow got himself stuck up in the claw machine, and when his mother found him in this situation, she started freaking out. It’s not too often you find your kid in a situation like this.

So what did she do? Did she put in a couple bucks to try and win her son back? Nah, she just called 911.

Titusville Fire and Emergency Services battalion chief Greg Sutton came to the aid of Mason. “He went in, but obviously he couldn’t come back out the same way,” he said.

How exactly did he get in though? It seems like a difficult task for just about anyone. Well, basically, Mason was just small enough to fit through the game’s prize door and crawled into the game at the local Beef ‘O’Brady’s.

He couldn’t climb back down the same way though, which is why the emergency services needed to intervene. “Once we understood the mechanism and how it worked, it was pretty easy to get those pins removed and the door open the rest of the way,” Sutton said about rescuing the toddler.

Luckily for Mason, he got to keep the toy that he was trying to get after his release from the machine. But it’s nice to know he was able to escape the magnetic charisma of…THE CLAAAWWWWWW!

I’m sure Mason learned that it’s probably far better to just go to a store and buy the toy you want. As opposed to climbing into a machine and getting the authorities involved.