This Brain Teaser Has Just About Everyone Completely Stumped. Can You Solve It?


If you are looking for an opportunity to prove just how smart you are, fear not! This brain teaser has just about everyone stumped, and if you can figure out the answer, you’ll be in a select echelon of people who are smart enough to get this seemingly incredibly simple teaser correct.

Have a gander over this image and try to figure out what belongs in the empty space. Before you jump to conclusions immediately, it should be stated that the answer is not 6. That should trip most of you up.

Did you figure it out? It’s incredibly tricky in the current layout. Perhaps this image will make it a bit more clear as to what the answer is…

If you still haven’t figured it out, odds are you probably are just unfamiliar and will never get the correct answer. So let me reveal the answer here for you…

The answer is “R.” And if you are confused as to how that answer could be correct, here is an image that will reveal it all.

Now, if you’ve never driven a 5-speed manual transmission automobile, there is pretty much no way you’d ever get this brain teaser correct. Most cars are automatic, as manual transmission engines are slowly being phased out. But those of us who have driven a stick probably got this before the rest of you!