Watch This Duck Eat Peas By Tapping Into The Speed Force

Joe Welkie
this duck eats peas super fast
(Photo: this duck eats peas super fast)

Sometimes the Internet goes crazy over something completely random and seemingly not entertaining. But when lightning strikes, sometimes we end up with a genius video. For example, this duck eats peas super fast. On the surface, that doesn’t sound like a very entertaining video, does it? Who cares? It’s just a duck eating peas. Nothing extraordinary there, right?


Watching this duck eat peas is one of the strangest things you will ever see online. Plus, how quickly the video went viral is even stranger. Reddit, the popular message board/commenting/home-to-some-of-the-worst-people-alive website has become obsessed with this video and it has caused it to go at least semi-viral. Have a look for yourself and you’ll understand what all the hoopla is about.

SEE?! Isn’t that just the most ridiculous and awesome thing you’ve seen today and probably all week? 

The commenters on reddit have really taken a liking to the video and the post. User, MuzzyIsMe said, “Succinct title, video gets right to the action, no wasted time pre or post. A++ will watch again.”

What will be the next insanely weird thing we see go viral? Not a single person on the planet could guess, but this was a great addition to to viral annals.