This Family’s Christmas Cards Keep Getting More And More Hilarious Over The Past 15 Years


(Photo: This family's hilarious Christmas cards)

If you’re lacking a bit of holiday cheer, you’re in for a treat. This family’s hilarious Christmas cards recently hit the Internet and people are absolutely loving them.

The Bergeron family has been producing some of the most creative and hilarious Christmas cards since all the way back in 2003. Each year, they choose a new theme and head on over to the JC Penney Portrait Studio to get their photos taken that they’ll send out to their extended friends and family. It’s become a real treat for the people who know them, and now we all get to bask in the glory of their funny Christmas cards! Here’s just a few examples of their amazing holiday cards:







The family has admitted that some of their interactions with the employees of the JC Penney are a bit awkward considering their cards are ridiculous. Sometimes the employees don’t even realize they’re joke cards at all! And some people don’t think they’re costumes are fake either. I guess everyone can’t be in on the joke all the time.

Hopefully this tradition continues and we can see even more of these hilarious cards in the future. Check out the entire history of Bergeron family cards.