This Woman Recovered From Anorexia And Credits Inspirational Instagram Accounts For Saving Her


(Photo: This woman recovered from anorexia and Instagram was her inspiration)

There are a lot of people who say that using social media is a waste of time, that it’s a distraction and spreads negativity. But sometimes social media creates wonderful and inspiring stories. For instance, this woman recovered from anorexia and Instagram was her inspiration.

Many of us go on Instagram and see inspirational quotes and fitness motivation posts and think nothing of them. But Emelle Lewis saw them and used them as a force of change in her life. Lewis had struggled with eating disorders since she was 15-years-old, and only decided to get her life back on track when she saw some inspiring messages posted on social media accounts. 

Emelle Lewis developed her anorexia in high school when she saw her friends getting boyfriends, and the destructive thought that she was “fat and ugly” entered into her brain. She began eating less and less and soon was down to an extremely unhealthy bodyweight, on the brink of death.

Lewis says that she would only eat salads, rice cakes, and Weetabix. Along with that, she would vigorously exercise, trying to keep her weight down. She admitted that some days she refused to sit down after 4 PM, and instead walking her dog and doing abdominal exercises. 

She was hospitalized seven times before making a change in her life. “I genuinely believed I could maintain at that weight and still live a fairly normal life,” she said

It all changed when she started following Instagram accounts of people who were in a similar state and recovered. She began to get back to a healthy weight, eating more, and realizing how to balance nutrition and exercise. 

“All those years of suffering taught me some valuable lessons and made me the person I am today,” Emelle wrote to her Instagram followers. “My goal now is to help and inspire everyone else to love themselves and love being alive.”

Hopefully her story can inspire others to get healthy, fit, and happier than they’ve ever been!