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Top 20 Betrayals in WWE History

Top 20 Betrayals in WWE History June 2, 2019Leave a comment

    One thing that WWE’s fans know really well is that they can’t trust anyone. Many times wrestlers have betrayed members of their team, friends and even their own family. The acted mercilessly and with no regret. So here are some of the most outrageous betrays in WWE. You won’t believe your eyes! Make sure not to miss #17, #15 and most certainly, #13!

    20. Eddie Guerrero And Rey Mysterio

    Even though these two were best friends, something happened that ended their friendship. It all started when they had to face each other at WrestleMania while defending their championship, something that gave them bitter feelings. Finally, on the April 1st edition of SmackDown Guerrero denied to tag in and Mysterio ended up beaten by MNM. That was harsh!