Trump Believes ‘We Will Overcome’ America Thinking He’s A Racist

Logan Rapp
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Almost immediately after his own party has started turning on Donald Trump, criticizing his comments regarding Judge Gonzalo Curiel — I mean, for real, we literally posted reports of the GOP telling him to stop hours ago — The Orange Man  is ignoring his party elders and is diving even deeper into attacks on the judge, expanding his targets to that of reporters in what seems to be a "might makes right" sort of campaign strategy. 

But the reality is that the Orange Man has neither a campaign, nor a strategy beyond Trump Is Awesome, Haters Get Bent. While campaign veterans are absolutely shocked at the shoddy and completely unfocused nature of the campaign, what organization the Orange Man does have he's actively overruling in favor of his completely off-the-cuff plan of calling his own people "not so smart" and giving the directive that anyone who hits out on Trump over Curiel are the real racists. Why? Because Trump. 



Meanwhile, a sinking feeling grows from within the GOP, its party leaders still in the denial stage that many spouses have early in unhealthy relationships. "I can change him," they'll say. "He's really not that bad, just needs to sand down those rougher edges," the delusion intact for one more day. Maybe get him to back off on Latinos, they can sleep if he just cools it for a few days and sees his polling increase. Instead, in a phone call to surrogates where he berated everyone and claimed that "we will overcome" reporters looking into his racist rhetoric, a deliciously ironic and tone deaf phrasing that people just can't help but let rattling around in their heads for some time, wondering if he actually said that or if it was a fever dream half-remembered. 

But such thoughts are for silly not-so-smarters in Congress and the party. Sad! The Orange Man knows better, that hitting back and claiming reverse racism is the most sensible option on the menu today. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan sits atop a burning throne, looking down upon his works crumbling to dust by a Man in Orange who is going to build a wall, okay? He's going to build a wall. In the meantime, tell those reporters that they're actually racist. 

The GOP party elders open up their wallets, and they're filled with blood

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