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Wild and Totally Unique Hotel Experiences Around the World

Wild and Totally Unique Hotel Experiences Around the World July 3, 2019Leave a comment

Looking to blow up your Insta on your next vacations? Check out these insanely cool hotels around the world. You're going to want to put these on your travel bucket list for sure...

Crane Hotel, Amsterdam

Crane Hotel Faralda

Overlooking the city of Amsterdam, this unconventional hotel combines both modern technology and comfort. The hotel consists of only three suites and one shared spa pool. So if you're looking for a group trip with your friends to Europe, consider renting out a crane for a night!

Dog Bark Park Inn, Idaho

Dog Bark Park Inn

A mouthful to say and an eyeful to look at, this bed & breakfast sleeps four and will cost you $132 a night. So if you happen to be around Idaho and are a fan of giant beagles, consider crashing in this cozy, eccentric inn.

Sleeping Pods, Tokyo

Nine Hours Akasaka

An alternative type of hostel, these peculiar little pods are quite popular in Japan. Situated in Tokyo, Nine Hours Akasaka hotel provides tiny capsules with beds that fix maximum two adults and a shared shower room for all guests. You can rent a pod for $35 a night, so if you're a planning a trip to Tokyo, hook yourself up with this unique sleeping experience.

Giraffe Manor, Kenya


This boutique hotel was build in the 1930s on 12 acres of private land within 140 acres of indigenous forest. The forest is home to friendly, but hungry giraffes that like to pop their heads in through the windows and steal your food. If you want to dine with giraffes and pose for that perfect picture, this precious experience will cost you about $620 a night.

Glass Igloos, Finland


Imagine sleeping under the Northern Lights with the snow around you in a warm, cosy bed. Well, it's possible. These glass igloos in Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, Finland provide the perfect experience for star gazing while snuggled up in bed. Definitely a destination to put on your bucket list.

Sea Cruise Hotel, South Korea

Sun Cruise Hotel

South Korea have certainly gone above and beyond with this cruise ship on land. Positioned on the edge of a cliff and looking over the water, this bizarre hotel is perfect if you want to stay on a cruise ship while avoiding the inevitable sea sickness that comes with it.

Beckham Creek Cave, Arkansas

Beckham Creek Cave Lodge

In Arkansas, you can live like cave people and sleep under the stalactites for $1,600 a night. Enfolded in a cave, this four bedroom lodge gives it's guests a extraordinary sleeping experience combining both luxury and nature.

Kelebek Cave Hotel, Turkey

Kelebek Cave Hotel

Cave hotels certainly seem to have a wide tourist appeal as they bring together the earth's natural beauty with comfort. Located in Turkey, this unusual shaped hotel is especially attractive to visitors worldwide because of the daily hot air balloon show surrounding the hotel.

Banan Beach, Dubai

Gulf News

Arabian nights under the Middle Eastern sky is a must if you enjoy camping. Dubai's Banan Beach offers quirky, colorful tents in the desert that provide the perfect feed for your travel blog.

Sala Silvermine, Sweden

Sala Silvermine

155 meters below the ground, this incredible Swedish bed & breakfast gives guests a legitimate experience of being in a mine. Only one room is available underground which does not have any cell phone reception or basic electricity, so guests can receive the full experience of being deep under the surface of the earth when they stay in this unique candlelit room.

House of Mind, South Korea

House of Mind

Glamping, the posh equivalent of camping where you can avoid harsh weather conditions while still enjoying the outdoors. Hidden away in a forest in South Korea, these charming tents provide quality camping views for around $80 per night.

Ashford Castle, Ireland

Forbes/Jim Dobsen

Ireland is famous for it's medieval castles with many of the them converted into hotels. So if you are planning a trip to the Emerald Isle, why not act like royalty for the night and treat yourself to a stay in a genuine castle.

Villas on Water, Maldives

Hotel Soneva Jani

For $2,200 per room per night, you can rent one of these luxurious houses with a private pool and water slide that will slide you out into the crystal clear sea. The Maldives are extra af when it comes to these lavish huts on water, guaranteeing you the vacation of a lifetime.

Hotel de Glace, Canada


A truly unique and absurd sleeping experience, this Canadian hotel is literally made of ice. The majority of its furniture including the beds are made from ice while each room's temperature stays between 27 and 23 degrees Fahrenheit. Guests are recommended to wear three layers of clothing while inside the hotel and are required to sit through a quick training session upon check in of how to keep safe in the low temperatures of Québec.

Pod Umna Village, Ireland

Pod Umna Village

As travelers are always on the look out for distinct places to visit that stand out from the ordinary, it's no surprise that glamping has become more and more popular. This quaint, naturalistic village with wooden huts in Ireland is ideal for a couple's getaway or even a tourist's stopover while traveling cross-country.

Dhara Dhevi, Thailand

Dhara Dhevi Resort

This architectural dream offers its visitors an authentic taste of Thailand. Located in the northern city of Chiang Mai, this temple inspired hotel is built on 60 acres of tropical grounds and will cost you a whopping $525 per night.

Treehouse Resort, Thailand

Rabeang Pasak Treehouse Resort

Thailand is one of the most popular countries to visit and it's becoming increasingly more crowded with tourists on a global level every year. It's no surprise that this country has fashioned a wide variety of accommodation styles for its tourists to choose from, such as tree houses. You can re-live your childhood by camping out in one of these extravagant wooden houses in the hot temperatures of Southeast Asia.

Roar and Snore, Sydney

Roar and Snore

The description is in the name. The hotel consists of tents that are positioned within the Taronga Zoo in Sydney. Sleep opposite the Sydney skyline and chill out among the roar of a few jungle cats with this safari experience. This wacky idea for a hotel is certainly intriguing and would cost you about $500 per night.

Skylodge Suites, Peru

Skylodge Suites

If you're afraid of heights this sleeping experience is not for you. Hanging onto the side of a cliff, these suites will give you a unique view of Peru at 1,200 feet. You would think cable carts transported guests safely to each capsule, right? Wrong! Guests must climb the mountain or hike through an adventurous trail with ziplines in order to stay in one the suites.

The Mouses House Rainforest Retreat, Australia

The Mouses House Rainforest Retreat

The experience of sleeping in a rain forest has never been so safe and tranquil. For about $200 per night, this Australian resort allows guests to bask in nature while staying in these charming chalets overlooking lakes and sleeping among the forest's nocturnal animals.

The Queen Mary, California

The Queen Mary

Since retiring from the sea in 1967, The Queen Mary resides in Long Beach, California where it boats as a unique hotel and dining experience. Staying on the ship will give you a taste of transatlantic travel 70 years ago and daily tours occur to give guests the ultimate insight into life onboard during the 1940s and 50s. To stay a night onboard the ship, a stateroom will cost you about $190, while the First Class experience comes in at over $400.

Barges, Ireland

Lovely Leitrim

A unique place to sleep that requires some skill and knowledge of canals is a barge. These long, wooden boats consists of a kitchen, a bed and a toilet and travelers can hire a boat without a license. This independent sailing experience is a distinctive way of camping that will teach you about the art of passing through canal locks and give you an authentic taste of the Irish countryside.

Helicopter Cottages, Connecticut

Winvian Farm

This 4 star hotel converted an out of action, 1968 helicopter into a mini cottage that is a must see if you are in Connecticut. The Coast Guard chopper is equipped with a kitchen area, a king sized bed, a flat screen TV and a lounge in the cock pit, which will cost you a sizable 700 bucks for an overnight stay in the quirky cottage.

Aquarium Rooms, Singapore

Resorts World Sentosa

This hotel in Singapore doesn't feel the need to just provide you with a TV for indoor entertainment, but instead the hotel comes equipped with an aquarium built around the bedrooms, giving you a completely outrageous hotel experience. A night with the fish definitely seems like it would cost a pretty penny... and it does. To stay in this fish bowl room the hotel rates are almost $700 per night.

Jungle Retreats, Costa Rica

Lapa Rios Lodge

In Costa Rica's Lapa Rios Lodge, you can retreat in an authentic jungle experience. Hidden within 1,000 acres of the country's vegetation, this lodge will bring you up close and personal with over 300 bird species, macaws and endangered monkeys. A night among the wild in this unique hotel costs a substantial minimum amount of $850 per night.