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Unusual Deaths In 2017 That Made Us Go, “WTF?”

Unusual Deaths In 2017 That Made Us Go, “WTF?” December 21, 2017

2017 wtf deaths

    There’s one thing every human being has in common. And no, it isn’t “we all have a Last Jedi take.” It’s death, the end of the journey of life that we all will face. And a lot of folks died in 2017. But some 2017 WTF deaths made particularly grim and shocking impressions. So brace yourselves and hug someone you love. Because these are the 2017 WTF deaths that scared us half to… well, you get it.

    Judith Permar

    2017 wtf deaths
    IMAGE BY: NY Daily News

    In Natalie, PA, 56-year-old Judith Permar was found dead of hypothermia and blunt force trauma. The cause? A donation box for clothes. As she rummaged through the box on a step ladder she brought, Permar slipped. The box lid closed, breaking her arms, and she hung dangling overnight until she died.