Watch Donald Trump Interrupt Hillary Clinton 51 Times During Presidential Debate


(Photo: Getty Images)

A record 100 million viewers were predicted for Monday night's presidential debate between former secretary of state Hillary Clinton and hollowed-out corpse animated from the inside by a team of New York City pizza rats Donald Trump.

Due to the lowered expectations, like something that a child might benefit from, many pundits agreed that short of pulling out a gun, lighting what he calls his hair on fire, and calling Clinton the "C" word, Trump could "tie" or "win" the debate by virtue of not doing something like verbally attack a Gold Star family (again) or bribe the Florida attorney general (again).

While he didn't do either of those things, independent number crunchers still had Hillary dominating the debate almost across the board. Perhaps the best indicator of this result: even Trump spittle translator Fox News declared its sworn enemy the victor.

This likely had to do with the Trump's foot's permanent residence in his mouth during the debate: He justified being a racially discriminant landlord with the "everybody does it" excuse, displayed that he doesn't know what "unconstitutional" means while defending New York police's former "stop and frisk" policy, and was caught repeatedly dodging questions about his perpetuating the racist lie that Barack Obama was born outside the U.S. for five years after the president divulged his birth certificate. He also made up a fun new word: "bigly."

On top of not knowing information crucial to running a country, he didn't know how to act: Any organization keeping track had Trump interrupting Clinton roughly three times as much during the debate.

Vox had the Republican nominee interrupting his counterpart 51 times, to just 17 the other way around. With a different opinion of what constitutes an "interruption," the New York Times had those numbers at 29 and nine.

Here's a supercut of his many interruptions:

The tactic—though the idea that Trump strategized at all before or during his 90-minute bout with incoherence is a specious one—was not lost on viewers.