WATCH: A Mysterious ‘Sea Monster’ Washed Up in Mexico

Alex Pompliano
(Photo: Facebook)

Headed to a sunny Mexican beach for spring break? Might want to reconsider, depending on your tolerance for giant sea monsters.

A 13-foot long gray blob mysteriously washed up on Bonfil Beach in Acapulco last week. I say "blob" because there’s no better way to describe this horrifying, shapeless mess that doesn’t seem to resemble anything from the sea.

A video of the monstrosity was shared on Facebook and has since made the rounds online. In the video, it's noted that there is no nasty smell coming off the creature, suggesting that it had died pretty recently. *Cue lots of Internet speculation*


So is it a Kraken? Is it clever marketing for the new Cloverfield movie? Turns out, it’s (sadly) neither of these awesome things!

Live Science spoke to James Mead, curator emeritus of marine mammals at the National Museum of Natural History, and got to the bottom of the mystery. Mead said it’s likely the top part of a sperm whale’s head. Oh. Apparently, what we’re seeing in the video is a sperm whale’s "junk." No, not that junk. Apparently in marine biology slang, "junk" refers to a fatty ball of connective tissue from the whale’s head.

"The [whale’s] junk has separated from the skull,” Mead said. “You can see, about midway through the video, the nasal plugs, which form the valve that closes the bony [nasal] tube.”

Whew, another mystery solved. Watch the original video below:

Protección civil y Bomberos de Acapulco Reporta, un animal marítimo desconocido hasta el momento, en las playas de la bonfil.

Posted by Protección Civil y Bomberos de Acapulco on Wednesday, March 9, 2016

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