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All The Ways Netflix Is Actually Screwing You Over

All The Ways Netflix Is Actually Screwing You Over April 19, 2018

netflix sucks

    Netflix sucks, why does it have no good movies?
    Twenty years ago, Netflix launched the world’s first online rental service, and that changed our lives. Then, nine years later, the company introduced us to the world of streaming. And our consumption of online media went from spending hour upon hour downloading terrible-quality torrents to blowing through a near-endless supply of DVD-quality films and TV shows with little to no wait time. Like it or not, Netflix is responsible for shaping the way we consume entertainment these days. But not necessarily for the better. So here are all the reasons why Netflix sucks and, actually, is totally screwing us over.

    Binge culture has destroyed the way we watch TV

    netflix sucks
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    There was a time when we used to have seven days to fully digest the stuff we watched. TV shows were more nuanced, because they could afford to be. People would pay attention to every little detail, because it was literally all we had. Now we just consume episode after episode like goddam monsters, in between the constant refreshing of our Instagram feed.