“When You See It” Photos That Will Play Tricks on Your Mind

“When You See It” Photos That Will Play Tricks on Your Mind June 28, 2022Leave a comment

Most people take pictures of themselves in the hopes of capturing their best selves. But that's not always what they end up getting! Take this pictures, for example. At first glance, it seems like someone took a picture of an event, a couple, or a beautiful model. But if you take a closer look, you'll quickly realize that there's something going on in the background or in some cases, right out front and center!

The Figure in the Sunglasses


The first thing people might notice is the reflection on this guy’s shades of a woman taking a photo. But focus a little more towards the right and you’ll see the reflection of some sort of otherworldly creature in a suit and tie. Slenderman, is that you?

Bathing in Corn Kernels


It’s easy to see who's in desperate need of some attention. While the women in the background are all smiling for the camera, the one closer to the front stole the show by pouring corn kernels all over her chest.

This Kid’s Got Man Hands


This kid’s graduating from third grade, but judging from the size of one of his hands, he should be graduating from college. Then again, it might just be dad’s hand hanging in the background.

Stalker Behind the Shower Curtain


She probably thought she was safe inside the bathroom when she decided to pose for her selfie. But she should have checked behind the shower curtain first. If she had, then she would have realized there was someone lurking there. Hopefully, it’s just a friend or family member playing a practical joke. Hopefully.

This Photo Totally Stinks


This woman seems to be wondering where that strange smell is coming from in the room. Did she accidentally drop a piece of cheddar cheese the other day and forgot to pick it up? Or could it be that she’s actually rubbing her chin with a foot and not a hand?

This Beachgoer’s Pale as a Ghost


Some people go to the beach to work on their tan and it looks like the woman in the background could use all the tanning she can get. She’s so pale that she practically blends in with the color of the sand.

There’s Someone Behind Her


There are three people in this photo. The first is obviously the person on the left that is sitting down. Then there’s the woman in the front with her arms crossed. But who is standing behind her? At a closer glance, its not a third person at all, but a mannequin in front that lacks a torso and head!

Her Reflection Is Super Creepy


Take a good look at the mirror. The woman’s back should be reflected on it, but instead, it shows the same woman staring forward. Is it some kind of Photoshop trick or is she in serious need of a ghostbuster?

The Dog Photobombed Her


She thought she was taking a pretty cute photograph where she could show off her makeup and possibly a few tattoos on her back. But everyone on social media was too distracted by the reflection of the dog drinking water out of the toilet.

Grabbing a Handful


The lady in this photo has a handful. Oh, no! Not the lady that’s holding the cup with one hand and shaking the guy’s hand with the other. It’s the lady in the background that we’re referring to because she seems to be grabbing that guy’s package while watching the game.

Barfing in Progress


This sports photo of these kids in their hockey uniform will be quite memorable for all the wrong reasons. Instead of team spirit, all anyone will be focusing on is the kid on the left-hand side in the process of barfing all over the kid in front of him.

The Crack in the Photograph


Sure! This guy’s scrape is pretty awful, which is why he decided to take a photo of it after he got into a motorcycle accident. But what’s really creepy about this photo is the butt crack in the background framed by the man’s face, shoulder and arm.

Target Hires Mutant Dad for Their Ad


There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with this Target ad that shows four models pretending to be a mom and dad with their kids. But dear old dad appears to be a mutant since he has one arm wrapped around mom’s shoulder, another arm resting on his side and a third arm wrapped around his daughter.

The Kids in the Cage


When these women plan ladies’ night, they clearly mean business and won’t let anything or anyone get in the way of their fun. Need more proof? Look towards the upper left-hand side of this photo and you’ll see two kids locked up in a cage in the corner of the room.

Sleep With One Eye Open


There are three eyes in this photo and only two of them belong to the young woman posing with the peace sign. But where is the third eye? Focus on the upper middle area of the photo. Notice her roommate peeking from under the covers?

This Blazer Needs Matching Pants


This guy picked out a cool looking blazer and hopefully he can find a pair of pants that match before the lower half of his body gets cold. At first, it might not seem like anything’s wrong, but look at the mirror on the left-hand side. The reflection shows that the guy isn’t wearing any pants.

He’s Slow Dancing With Himself


School dances can be some of the coolest times in a teenager’s life, but they can also be the most awkward, especially when you have no one to dance with. One student, however, found an easy solution to his single status by wrapping his arms around himself and dancing all by himself.

This Girl’s Interesting Hair Bun


This young girl appears to be sporting a hair bun, but she’s not. Take a closer look and you’ll see that it’s actually a person walking on the sandy shores of this beach. But he walked into the path of the camera’s frame, resulting in this optical illusion.

It’s a Doggy Student


Look across a sea of students sitting in this college classroom and it might not be so easy to spot, but there is one individual that walks on four legs and barks all the time. Give up? It’s that big black dog sitting in the middle of the room.

Floating Beachgoer Photobombs These Ladies


What could possibly be wrong with this photo of these women posing like they’re on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition? There’s a guy floating on his back in the water striking a similar pose with his arm as the women in the front.

The Man-kini


There’s nothing odd about a mom and her kid at the beach. But take a look at the guy in the background. Why is he wearing a women’s bikini bottom? Well actually, he’s not. A woman bent down behind him, and the angle of the photo made it seem like he was the one wearing a bikini bottom.

This Groom is in Distress


They say a wedding is supposed to be the happiest moment of a person’s life, but that doesn’t seem to be the case for this groom. Take a look at the soles of his shoes which spell out “HELP.” Now the question is, was he joking?

The Roommate Who Photobombed Her


This young woman thought she was the only eye-catching thing in this photograph. But she wasn’t banking on her roommate pulling her pants down and facing the wall with her hands up. There’s also a person laying on the ground in the background, too.

That Horse is Photo Ready


Those cops look so heroic in this photo, but they could sure use a lesson in smiling 101 from that horse in the background. Not only did it photobomb the two officers, but it has one impressive smile.

This Goldfish Knows It’s in Trouble


The first thing that catches everyone’s eyes with this photo is the goldfish in the tank. But why does it look absolutely terrified? Perhaps it’s because it can see the hungry cat lurking within paw’s reach.

Worst High-Five Ever


What was supposed to be an adorable selfie for this couple turned into a nightmare for the dad in the background on the left-hand side. Notice the horrified look on his face as his son high-fives his crown jewels.

Present and Future Collide


This person took a photo of this daughter at Starbucks with her dad. But right across from them is another daughter and father. And what’s eerie about this photo is that the daughter and father sitting close to the store front look like future versions of the ones sitting across from them.

Someone Got Double Birded


This prom couple looks very happy in this photograph and so does the single girl drinking on the right-hand side of this photo. But the young woman on the far left is not having a good time. This much is evident given that she’s giving someone the double bird.

Elmo Feels Betrayed


This guy ran into Woody from “Toy Story” in Times Square in Manhattan. But in the background is a guy dressed in an Elmo suit, and he looks absolutely gutted that the guy chose Woody over him.

Go, Go, Power Rangers!


These guys decided to dress up as the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and pose for a selfie in plain sight. But what they didn’t see until later was that two cops were photobombing them in the background.

This Shark Was Da Bomb


Sharks are generally terrifying especially for divers who fear losing their limbs and their lives to these creatures. However, the shark that photobombed the diver in this cage looks almost cute. Well, cute... but still deadly.

Little Bro’s in Love With Himself


This girl thought that she was the little girl inside the photo frame, but the real shocker is on the left-hand side. It seems like her brother discovered his own reflection in the mirror and decided to give himself a smooch.

The Down to Earth Girl


No matter how hard anyone tries to focus on the women on the left, everyone’s eyes eventually went to the woman who fell head first to the ground. It’s safe to say that she was performing some sort of cheerleading stunt with her dad, slipped, and fell head first.

Photobombed By the Dark Knight


This guy has a nice pair of muscular arms, but they’re still not as distracting as the Batman in the background jokingly mimicking this guy’s pose. Who knew the Dark Knight had a sense of humor as well as a cool car?

The Mysterious Headless Woman


What’s this? Is it possible that there’s a headless woman sitting at that restaurant table? No. It’s actually a mirrored partition separating one table from the other. The woman in the white dress is sitting on the other side with her head and all.

Beware the AT&T Doll


This AT&T truck already looks intimidating, like a freaking armored military truck. But just in case people aren’t scared enough, the driver decided to add that creepy looking doll on the roof. And it’s so lifelike that it almost seems to be making eye contact with the drivers behind the truck.

Check Under the Mattress


Scan the room. This girl isn’t alone. Don’t see him? Check the corner between the mattress and the bed frame. There’s a guy lurking underneath. Now whether she knows that he’s there or not is the real mystery.

The Groom’s Sister Passed Out


This photo was taken right after the wedding presider said “You may kiss the bride.” And just as the happy couple locked lips, the groom’s sister lost consciousness and took a dive on the floor.

The Baby Face Knees


Can anybody else see two babies in this photo? No? Then take a look at that woman’s knees. Maybe it’s a trick of light, but her knees look like two baby faces trying to break out.

When the Monkey Steals the Show


Those four women had finally gotten the right camera angle for their perfect selfie. And then this cheeky little monkey showed up out of nowhere and decided to steal the spotlight. But judging from the look of horror on the women’s faces, maybe the camera went off just as the monkey was about to steal it.

Beetlejuice Stole the Show


Yes. Yes. This woman definitely earned kudos looking like a hot goth chick with a pie in one hand and a bottle of whisky in the other. But the real show stealer is that photo of Beetlejuice on the fridge.

The Jealous Cat


Cats are like children and they love affection. They can also display some serious sibling rivalry whenever mommy starts cuddling with the new cat. Take a look at the lower left-hand side of this photo and you’ll see how disgruntled this kitty is at being left out.

Mickey Was Snacking on Children


They say it’s the happiest place on Earth, but for who? This photo shows the little girl in the hat smiling for the camera. But she would probably be screaming if she saw that Mickey Mouse was practically biting the head off of one of the kids in the background.

The Creepiest Toupee Ever


It might look like the lady in this photo is smiling with her eyes closed, but the truth is that she’s absolutely terrified by the toupee on her head. The only thing is that it’s not really a toupee but a living, breathing tarantula.

The Graduation Stalker


This might seem like a normal graduation photo, but there’s also someone lurking between the two young women’s shoulders. And the way they posed makes this entire photo seem like a promotional still for a horror movie.

The Public Wedgie Picker


This woman took an impressive photo of herself whipping her hair back from the water. The result was a water arch effect. Unfortunately, it’s not nearly as captivating as the woman on the deck picking the wedgie out of her crack.

What Lurks Beneath the Sunflowers


Those sunflowers in the vase are awfully pretty, but there’s something else in this photo that’s totally cute. See it? If not then take a look at the lower right-hand side of the photo and you’ll notice a cat sticking its head out from behind the curtains.

The Whole Family Photobombed


These four ladies will never forget the moment they went to this restaurant for some margaritas and some laughs. But one thing they failed to notice was that an entire family in the background was photobombing them as they took this photo and they seem happier in this shot than the ladies were.