Woman Yells At Mall Santa, “You’re Not Even Real!”

Joe Welkie
this woman yelled at a mall santa
(Photo: this woman yelled at a mall santa)

As the calendar is about to turn to December, it’s about time for all of us to get in the Christmas Spirit. You can do any number of things to get in The Spirit — go shopping, play Holiday music, or roast some chestnuts on an open fire. This woman yelled at a mall Santa in order to prepare for the season. Yea, apparently this mall Santa Claus was not “real” enough for her standards.

The Toronto-based Santa Claus endured some serious verbal haymakers from this crazy lady who was cussing at him nonstop. Usually mall Santas have to deal with rowdy children, but this is a full-grown adult woman screaming at this man who is trying to bring joy to the hearts of thousands.

You can see the video of the carnage. After the incident, this woman was asked to leave the mall and didn’t put up much of a fight, but apparently Santa has a sore spot in her heart. We don’t know what sparked the confrontation, but things sure got heated in a hurry.

Well, we know for sure that this lady has ended up on Santa’s “naughty” list. She can surely expect a buttload of coal in her stocking from Jolly Old St. Nick. 

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