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Messed Up Things That Happened At Woodstock ’69

Messed Up Things That Happened At Woodstock ’69 October 23, 2019Leave a comment

    August 15, 1969, marked the beginning of what would become a 4-day musical festival. Woodstock has since become known as the festival of peace, love, and rock n’ roll. It was a period of time in which everyone was happy and love went all around. On the contrary, Woodstock was nothing like this idealized version that we have seen onscreen. A lot of weird and disturbing things happened during this festival.

    Not Enough Bathrooms

    Jim Marshall Photography LLC

    For a festival that brought together so many people, one would think that the amount of bathrooms would have matched up. However, the ratio of bathrooms to attendees was so low that most would just find an open space on the field to do their business. There was about 1 bathroom for every 800 people. Many of the porta-potties ended up overflowing and mixed in with the mud at the festival.