This Guy Just Broke The World Record For World’s Longest Mustache

Joe Welkie
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We are in the thick of No-Shave November, and if you think your facial hair is stupendous, wait’ll you get a hold of the man with the world’s longest mustache. The record has recently been broken, and the man who accomplished this herculean task has been grooming himself (pun intended) for this moment since the 1970s.

Ram Singh, a 62-year-old man who lives in Jaipur, India, holds the record for the world’s longest mustache at 18.5 feet long.

“People always compliment my mustache – including chief ministers, vice presidents and presidents,” Singh has stated.

It certainly is an impressive bit of lip fur, and that impressiveness comes at a cost: roughly two hours a day grooming and styling it. Singh has used herbal oils to keep his ‘stache looking fresh, and he washes it about once every two weeks.

World's Longest Mustache

Not only does Singh hold the record for longest mustache, but he also holds the record for the world’s longest beard! Ladies and gentlemen, bow down before your facial-hair king.