Zimbabwe’s Health Minister Complains That Chinese-Made Condoms Are Too Small


(Photo: zimbabwe news live)

Never before have I seen a country completely wreck another country with a small penis joke, but Zimbabwe’s top health official David Parirenyatwa just dunked all over the country of China. Parirenyatwa claimed in a news conference that Chinese-made condoms are too small for the citizens of Zimbabwe. Ouch.

At the news conference to promote the eradication of HIV/AIDS in Zimbabwe, Parirenyatwa stressed the importance of condoms, but they need to fit. “The southern African region has the highest incidence of HIV and we are promoting the use of condoms,” Parirenyatwa was quoted as saying

This is where things took a turn, and the Health Minister may have unintentionally burned the entire country of China. “Youths now have a particular condom that they like, but we don’t manufacture them. We import condoms from China and some men complain they are too small.”

Zhoa Chuan, the chief executive of the condom manufacturer Beijing Daxiang and His Friends Technology Co., is now aware of the problem and will look into creating condoms of different sizes.

“As to the different demands from customers such as in Zimbabwe, Daxiang, as a Chinese manufacturer, has the ability and the obligation to make a contribution, so we have started to do some surveys on users’ data in the region to make preparations for future products with different sizes,” Zhao said.

Who knew such a brutal burn could inspire change in the system? Maybe we should throw shade at entire countries more often.