Top 5 Naruto Shippuden FIGHTS

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Naruto was one of the most popular Shonen during its publication, consistently duking it out with One Piece. And, one thing Naruto always did which helped seal its success was to make you care about its various characters – making it all the greater when they would duke it out. These weren’t just random goons that were being destroyed, but characters with in-depth backstories. And, with so many battles in the long-running series, what are some of the best? These are the Top 5 Naruto Shippuden Fights

#5 – 00:26 – Kakashi vs Obito
#4 – 01:00 – Naruto vs Pain
#3 – 01:53 – Sasuke vs Itachi
#2 – 03:10 – Naruto vs Sasuke
#1 – 03:57 – Shikamaru vs Akatsuki