Top 7 FIGHTS in Star vs the Forces of Evil Cartoons

Whether she’s shooting off a Narwhal Blast or launching a full-scale Bacon Kitty Hawaiian Nightmare, you have to admit, Star Butterfly has some pretty sick battle skills. The fights between Star, Marco, and whichever villain of the week is trying to steal Star’s magic wand are totally epic and usually full of rainbows, kitties, and oodles of other adorableness. Today, we’re bringing you the best battles in Star Vs. the Forces of Evil.

#7 – 00:26 – Star vs Ludo and his Monster Army
#6 – 00:55 – Star vs the Warriors football team
#5 – 01:47 – Star vs Ludo & Toffee
#4 – 02:35 – Star vs Ludo battle of wands
#3 – 03:21 – Spider with a Top Hat’s dream
#2 – 04:06 – Toffee vs Magic High Commission
#1 – 04:47 – Star, Moon and Marco vs Toffee


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