Victorious Top 5 Episodes | Nerdwire Reviews

After years of living in her big sis’ shadow, Tori Vega gets invited to attend Hollywood Arts, a high school for budding performers. Tori navigates the world of entertainment, all while figuring out how to deal with being the new kid on campus, hoping for her chance to shine. This Nickelodeon sitcom may have only had a 4 season run, but we know you guys are just like us, and love and miss this show! Here are the top 5 best episodes from Victorious.

#5 – 00:36 – Pilot
#4 – 01:06 – The Breakfast Bunch (Breakfast Club parody)
#3 – 01:54 – iParty with Victorious with iCarly
#2 – 02:07 – Ice Cream for Kesha
#1 – 02:29 – Freak the Freak Out


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