106-Year-Old Man Reveals His Secret For a Long and Healthy Life

106-Year-Old Man Reveals His Secret For a Long and Healthy Life February 9, 2022Leave a comment

Gordon Ewers from Australia was born in 1916, and he’s still kicking. His long life has seen two world wars, a few pandemics, and his fair share of hardships, but Ewers not only has longevity, he also has a lot of strength. Even at 106, he is able to take care of himself and describes himself as “still sharp as a tack.”

Ewers explained to 9 News that is isn’t so much what he has done that has given him a long life, but what he hasn’t done. He has never smoked or had an alcoholic drink in all of his 106 years. He explained, “The absence of which is probably one of the helps towards achieving old age.”

YouTube / 9 News

Ewers continued with advice including, “live sensibly, breathe regularly, think positively and live hopefully.” Among those who are happiest about Ewers old age are his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, including his two daughters Shirley and Marian. 

Marian told 9 News, “He was always loving and always there, and we did lots of things together as a family, and he’s got a great sense of humor. He’s a really good dad. Shirley added, “He’s always been very easy to get on with, and takes life as it comes.” Ewers himself noted, “I can’t say it’s much of an achievement, it just happened to me, which I’m very happy for it to have done.”