Woman Goes Viral For Eating Over 5,000 Calories a Day and Spending $1,000 a Month on Take Out

Woman Goes Viral For Eating Over 5,000 Calories a Day and Spending $1,000 a Month on Take Out February 28, 2022Leave a comment

Sabrina Moore, a self-described foodie, is 25, lives in England and loves food. And her love of food has brought her a global audience because people are stunned at just how much she is able to eat. Despite her thin frame, the 26-year-old consumes at least 3,000 calories of food a day. 

Moore, who is 5 foot 10 inches and 145 pounds, must have an incredible metabolism. The content creator with over 300,000 followers said, “I've always loved food. When I was a baby my dad would nibble ribs off the bone and give me the bone to suck on. I would always try to eat as much as my dad, he was my idol. We're a food-oriented family.”

TikTok / Sabrina Moore

And her habits haven’t changed much over the years. She continued, “I eat a takeaway or go out every day for my tea. I also snack a lot, I'll have breakfast but then eat a couple of chocolate bars in between. My favorite takeaway is a Chinese but my boyfriend, Phil, likes a burger or pizza so I compromise. I enjoy food, I travel to different cities to try new things. I'll try anything new.”

And to many people’s surprise, Moore doesn’t exercise to stay in shape. The beautician by trade is an avid snacker who claims that she is “naturally thin” and doesn’t go to the gym. She always starts her day with a big breakfast including black coffee, a chocolate bar, hash browns and a breakfast wrap. 

The attention that Moore has gotten has surprised even her. She started posting videos of her meals on TikTok in 2020 and soon found an audience who were interested in her eating habits. “It's really overwhelming but it feels really good that it's enough for me to just be myself and have people like me for who I am,” she wrote.