How Well Do You Know ‘60s Slang Terms?

The 1960s were dominated by great music, incredible movies and the emergence of hippie culture. All of these things together made some great slang terms, but can you remember them?

If you know all of the songs from the Beatles by heart and your knowledge of the ‘60s isn’t limited to the “Austin Powers” movies, you’ll have no problem acing this quiz!

What does the phrase “what’s your bag” mean?

  • What’s your problem?
  • What’s your favorite song?

This phrase refers to finding out someone’s emotional baggage. Used in a sentence, “You look sad, what’s your bag?”

What does the word “bippy” mean?

  • Backside
  • Mouth

Bippy was a phrase popularized by the comedy show “Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In” and it is usually used as a replacement for the word “butt.” Used in a sentence, “You’ll freeze your bippy off waiting in the cold!”

What does the word “fuzz” mean?

  • Police
  • Fruit stand

Certainly not referring to the fuzz on a peach, this phrase was a nickname for law enforcement in the ‘60s. Used in a sentence, “You better pull over, the fuzz is behind you.”

What does the word “bogart” mean?

  • To hog
  • To share

This phrase comes from the fact that actor Humphrey Bogart would often let cigarettes dangle in his mouth for too long. Used in a sentence, “Don’t bogart all of the snacks, I want some.”

What does the phrase “foam domes” mean?

  • Cappuccino
  • Woman’s chest

Usually referring to the act of stuffing one’s bra, it typically wasn’t a compliment if someone referred to foam domes. Used in a sentence, “You won’t catch me wearing foam domes!”

What does the word “heavy” mean?

  • Compliment
  • Insult

Just like the Beatles song “She’s So Heavy,” this phrase isn’t referring to someone’s weight, and it was used as a compliment. Used in a sentence, “She’s not shallow, she’s so heavy.”

What does the phrase “submarine races” mean?

  • Swimming
  • Parking

Submarine races could refer to a couple getting intimate in a car. Used in a sentence, “The police busted all the submarine races at the drive-in last night.”

What does the word “bread” mean?

  • Money
  • Luggage

Out of all of the slang terms for money, this one is the most fun to use on a daily basis. Used in a sentence, “I’m going to work, I’ve gotta make that bread.”

What does the word “split” mean?

  • To leave
  • To jump

This phrase doesn’t refer to a banana split or a split in wood, it references leaving or getting out of some place. Used it a sentence, “Sorry to leave so soon, I’ve got to split.”

What does the phrase “it’s a gas” mean?

  • A fun time
  • An awful time

Just like the Rolling Stones sang about in their hit song “Jumpin’ Jack Flash,” a gas was any moment that inspired excitement or laughter. Used in a sentence, “Come to my party, it’s gonna be a gas!”

What does the phrase “lay it on me” mean?

  • Extra cream and sugar
  • Tell me

Lay it on me is a phrase that started in hippie culture that simply means to tell someone what’s up. Used it a sentence, “I really wanna know, lay it on me.”

What does the phrase “hang loose” mean?

  • Rock climbing
  • Chill out

Hang loose means to chill out, relax or do a lot of nothing. Used in a sentence, “After work I’m gonna go home and hang loose.”

What does the word “choice” mean?

  • Perfect
  • Expensive

Even though the word choice is still used to describe good cuts of meat today, in the ‘60s you could call someone you’re attracted to choice. Used in a sentence, “I’m gonna ask her out, she is so choice.”

What does the phrase “freak flag” mean?

  • The things that make you unique
  • The things that make you angry

This phrase was coined by Jimi Hendrix in his song “If 6 was 9” where he stated that he was “gonna wave my freak flag high.” Used in a sentence, “Let’s have fun tonight and let our freak flags fly!”

What does the phrase “old lady” mean?

  • Your mom
  • Your girlfriend

Not exactly the greatest compliment for your significant other, this phrase was often used when she wasn’t around. Used in a sentence, “I can’t go out tonight, my old lady’s waiting for me at home.”

What does the phrase “can you dig it?” mean?

  • Do you understand?
  • Can you move?

Another phrase that stemmed from hippie culture is can you dig it, which is a catch-all term to get assurance, similar to ‘ya know?’ today. Used in a sentence, “Disco is the best genre of music, can you dig it?”

What does the phrase “gimme some skin” mean?

  • Let’s go swimming
  • Let’s shake hands

This phrase may sound a bit more inappropriate than it really is, but it’s just referring to handshakes. Used in a sentence, “I haven’t seen you in so long, gimme some skin!”

What does the word “foxy” mean?

  • Attractive
  • Angry

Brigitte Bardot, Ann Margret and Raquel Welch were all foxy women of the ‘60s. Used in a sentence, “Wow, that woman is so foxy.”

What does the word “bummer” mean?

  • A let down
  • A flat tire

Any bad time or let down could be described as a total bummer, from spilt milk to a flat tire. Used in a sentence, “He broke up with me, it was such a bummer.”

What does the phrase “far out” mean?

  • Bad
  • Good

A common phrase of hippie culture was far out, which may have been a reflection of the popularization of the exploration of outer space in the ‘60s. Used in a sentence, “Your outfit is far out.”

What does the phrase “outta sight” mean?

  • Boring
  • Fantastic

Another phrase used to mean that something is good was outta sight, which is used the same way ‘fleek’ or ‘on point’ is today. Used in a sentence, “This new Beach Boys song is outta sight!”

What does the phrase “bookin’” mean?

  • Going fast
  • Reading

This phrase may have originated in the military in the ‘60s and meant to leave quickly. Used in a sentence, “We’ll be there soon, we’re bookin’ it!”

What does the phrase “for kicks” mean?

  • For fun
  • For revenge

If you’re doing something for kicks, you’re not really thinking of any consequences that will happen later. Used in a sentence, “ I’m just doing it for kicks.”

What does the phrase “peel out” mean?

  • Accelerate
  • Slow down

Peel out means to accelerate in a car so quickly that the tires spin freely and squeal. Used in a sentence, “It’s getting late, let’s peel out of here!”
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