How Well Do You Know ‘70s Slang?

It’s been almost 50 years since the start of the grooviest decade, but many of the slang terms that came into fashion in the ‘70s are still used today.

Can you remember these words or phrases and their ‘70s usages? If you still watch “Starsky and Hutch” and “The Brady Bunch,” you’ll have no problem acing this quiz!

What does the phrase “keep on trucking” mean?

  • Don’t stop now
  • Drive faster

This phrase is used for encouragement, to mean keep on with what you’re doing. Used in a sentence, “You’ve got this, keep on trucking.”

What does the phrase “boogie down” mean?

  • Get a tissue
  • Dance

To boogie down means to dance very enthusiastically. Used in a sentence, “This song makes me want to boogie down!”

What does the phrase “what a fry” mean?

  • They’re wacky
  • They’re hot

The phrase was used to describe someone acting weird, unusual or just plain silly. Used in a sentence, “Steve won’t stop playing with the noisemakers. What a fry!”

What does the word “psyche” mean?

  • Kidding
  • You’re under a spell

We’ve all seen this happen to someone in the office. Used in a sentence, “Here’s a piece of gum. (Pulls it away.) Psyche!”

What does the phrase “do me a solid” mean?

  • Lift this heavy item
  • Help me out

In this phrase a solid is a favor, because doing someone a favor is a sign of a rock solid friendship. Used in a sentence, “Hey man, can you do me a solid?”

What does the phrase “catch you on the flip-side” mean?

  • See you later
  • Let’s get a burger

This term implies that the other side of today is tomorrow. Used in a sentence, “I’ve got to go, catch you on the flip-side!”

What does the phrase “out to lunch” mean?

  • Going to eat
  • Distracted

This phrase means distraction or confusion, not literally eating lunch. Used in a sentence, “She didn’t get any of the answers right, she’s totally out to lunch.”

What does the word “bogue” mean?

  • Bogus
  • Boat

Way before shortening words was a mainstay, there was bogue. Used in a sentence, “You’ve got a test tomorrow? That’s totally bogue.”

What does the phrase “brick house” mean?

  • Attractive
  • Strong

This is used to say that a woman is attractive because she’s well put together and well proportioned. Used in a sentence, “She’s built like a brick house.”

What does the phrase “the man” mean?

  • An authority figure
  • A religious figure

“The man” is used as a catch-all phrase for authority figures that could include the government, the police or just your dad. Used in a sentence, “The man keeps bringing me down.”

What does the phrase “lay a gasser” mean?

  • To bake
  • To fart

This phrase is the inevitable 70’s toot reference. Used in a sentence, “Stay out of there, I just laid a gasser.”

What does the word “spaz” mean?

  • Energetic
  • Sleepy

If someone is being a spaz, they’re probably wound up on too much coffee. Used in a sentence, “You’re bouncing off the walls, stop being such a spaz.”

What does the phrase “cool beans” mean?

  • Approval
  • Dinner ideas

Cool beans is simply a trendier way of saying okay, even though eating cool beans for dinner is not cool beans. Used in a sentence, “Cool beans, I’ll see you at the movies tonight.”

What does the phrase “stop dipping in my Kool-Aid” mean?

  • I’m thirsty
  • That’s not your business

The phrase was often used as a way to get someone to stop pressing a question. Used in a sentence, “I don’t want to talk about that. Stop dipping in my Kool-Aid.”

What does the word “skinny” mean?

  • The truth
  • A lie

If you want the whole, absolute truth, you’ll ask for the skinny. Used in a sentence, “Let me know the gossip, give me the skinny!”

What does the phrase “10-4 good buddy” mean?

  • Got it
  • Leave me alone

If you find yourself talking on a CB radio, this is the perfect phrase to use, but in the ‘70s it was more commonplace. Used in a sentence, “10-4 good buddy, I hear you loud and clear.”

What does the phrase “take a chill pill” mean?

  • Relax
  • It’s hot in here

The phrase is not used to refer to a literal pill, but to tell someone to calm down. Used in a sentence, “Stop stressing out, take a chill pill.

What does the phrase “to the max” mean?

  • Extreme
  • Boring

Taking something to the max means that you’ve reached the ultimate level of greatness, craziness or whatever you’re trying to achieve. Used in a sentence, “We’re gonna have fun to the max tonight!”

What does the phase “sit on it” mean?

  • Shut up
  • Sit down

Popularized on the ‘70s show based in the ‘50s, “Happy Days,” sit on it was a nicer way of telling someone to be quiet. Used in a sentence, "When she brought up my crush, I told her to sit on it."

What does the phrase “space cadet” mean?

  • Someone not paying attention
  • An overachiever

Someone with their head in the clouds would be referred to as a space cadet. Used in a sentence, “He such a space cadet, he’s in his own world.”

What does the word “Stella” mean?

  • An insult
  • A compliment

Stella was meant as an insult to disco fans, which meant that they were arrogant. Used in a sentence, “Don’t invite her to the party, she’s such a Stella.”

What does the word “crib” mean?

  • A baby’s crib
  • A house

Not used to refer to a literal baby’s crib, this is the usage that was popularized again in the early 2000s on “MTV Cribs.” Used in a sentence, “Let’s go over to my crib.”

What does the phrase “later days” mean?

  • See ya
  • Things will be brighter tomorrow

Later days is a simple way to say goodbye. Used in a sentence, “I’m gonna head home now, later days.”

What does the phrase “let’s blow this taco stand” mean?

  • Let’s get tacos
  • Let’s leave

Taco stands usually have delicious offerings, so it’s unclear why it would be known as a place to get out of. Used in a sentence, “This party is lame. Let’s blow this taco stand.”

What does the phrase “keep on steppin’” mean?

  • Get out of here
  • Let’s get new shoes

This phrase was used as a gentle way to get someone out of your way. Used in a sentence, “I’ve gotta get through, keep on steppin’!”

What does the phrase “far out” mean?

  • Lame
  • Far away
  • Cool
  • Brightly colored

This quintessential phrase is used today to mock ‘70s slang more than it was used in the ‘70s. Used in a sentence, “Your outfit is far out!”

What does the term “bootin’” mean?

  • Driving
  • Walking
  • Rollerskating
  • Biking

Some people would also refer to rollerskating as “rollerbooting.” Used in a sentence, “Are you going bootin’ tomorrow with Kelsey?”

What does the phrase “dream on” mean?

  • That’s unrealistic
  • That sounds awesome
  • Tell me more
  • I slept well

Dream on is a phrase that means that you’ve got your head stuck in the clouds. Used in a sentence, “You want to get a Lamborghini? Dream on, man!”

What does the phrase “in your face” mean?

  • You look strange
  • You’re attractive
  • Let’s eat something
  • I beat you

This term is typically shouted at another person to upstage and embarrass them, especially after beating them in a sport. Used in a sentence, “Haha, I won! In your face!”

What does the term “phony” mean?

  • Low quality
  • Deceitful
  • Sounds loud
  • You look like a horse

This term is used to describe someone who is two-faced or acting fake. Used in a sentence, “You only listen to The Clash because I like them, stop being so phony!”

What does the term “stunned” mean?

  • You’re beautiful
  • You’re dumb
  • You’re tall
  • You’re energetic

This term was used to describe someone who just said something dumb or without any thought. Used in a sentence, “I can’t believe you think the sky is green, you’re so stunned.”

What does the term “bunny” mean?

  • A cute girl
  • A dangerous animal
  • A tasty treat
  • A kind man

Probably referring to Playboy bunnies, this phrase meant that a girl was good looking. Used in a sentence, “Did you see Kelly’s outfit today? She’s such a bunny.”

What does the phrase “get your head together” mean?

  • Wear a turtleneck
  • Do your math homework
  • Clear your mind
  • Play basketball

If someone needed some time to get their priorities back into focus, they might use this phrase. Used in a sentence, “I took a gap year after high school because I just needed to get my head together.”

What does the phrase “be there or be square” mean?

  • I will stuff you in a locker
  • If you’re not there, you’re a loser
  • A type of square dance
  • Land use regulations

The term “square” referring to anyone that is uncool or doesn’t fit in has been used for many decades, but this catch rhyme was coined in the ‘70s. Used in a sentence, “We’re having a party tonight, be there or be square.”

What does the term “Smokey” mean?

  • Police officer
  • Chef
  • Fireman
  • Bartender

The term Smokey was first used to refer to Parks service employees and then any officer, including police officers. Used in a sentence, “Watch out for that stop sign, we’ve got a Smokey on our tail.”

What does the phrase “that’s a drag” mean?

  • Smoke a cigarette
  • It’s taking a long time
  • What a let down
  • An exotic fish

This phrase is still used often today, but the word drag itself can have many different meanings. Used in a sentence, “It’s raining outside, what a drag.”

What does the term “boss” mean?

  • Rude
  • Demanding
  • Feminine
  • Awesome

Used to describe anything good looking, cool or just plain awesome, this phrase is still used to describe things that are good quality. Used in a sentence, “This guitar amp is boss.”

What does the phrase “that’s the joint” mean?

  • It’s bendable
  • It’s outstanding
  • It’s moody
  • It’s scary

This phrase isn’t used to refer to elbows or knees, but instead, something that was above average. Used in a sentence, “That new ABBA album is the joint.”

What does the term “bread” mean?

  • Money
  • Sandwiches
  • Boxes
  • Pencils

Of all of the slang terms used to refer to money, this one is the most fun to use on a daily basis. Used in a sentence, “Gotta get to work and make that bread!”

What does the term “bummer” mean?

  • A cheap cab fare
  • A loud car
  • A let-down
  • Someone with a heavy accent

Be careful where you use the terms bummer and bummed, because in England those words have a totally different meaning. Used in a sentence, “The concert got cancelled, what a bummer.”

What does the phrase “catch my drift” mean?

  • Do you understand?
  • Let’s go driving
  • Let’s race
  • You got a home run

“Catch my drift” essentially has the same meaning as phrases like “ya know?” or “get it?” Used in a sentence, “I’ve gotta get my head together, do you catch my drift?”

What does the term “chick” mean?

  • A farm animal
  • A fried chicken dinner
  • A child
  • A woman

Woman have been called chicks for decades, as well as many other animal nicknames. Used in a sentence, “I went to school with that chick, she was totally sweet.”

What does the term “copacetic” mean?

  • Satisfactory
  • Wild and crazy
  • Complicated
  • Difficult to understand

Contrary to popular belief, this word wasn’t coined by the comedian Steve Martin. Used in a sentence, “We’re doing alright, everything is copacetic.”

What does the term “deadhead” mean?

  • A Buddist monk
  • A stupid person
  • A fan of the Grateful Dead
  • A fan of The Beatles

In the ‘70s, fans of the rock group the Grateful Dead liked to follow the band to as many concerts as possible. Used in a sentence, “She rented a van to go to their concert, she’s a total deadhead.”

What does the term “dynamite” mean?

  • Loud
  • Awesome
  • Bright
  • Smart

This phrase was popularized by the character J.J. on the show “Good Times.” Used in a sentence, “I’ve got snacks, a new sound system and a fog machine. This party is gonna be dynamite!”

What does the term “foxy” mean?

  • Good looking
  • Hairy
  • Smart
  • Smelly

This phrase was used to refer to all of the good looking people of the ‘70s with their feathered hair and bell bottom jeans. Used in a sentence, “Tom Selleck is so foxy.”

What does the term “funky” mean?

  • You have body odor
  • Polka music
  • Very cool
  • Sweet

In the ‘70s, funky was a term used to describe something totally cool, like a song with an awesome bass line or a sequined jumpsuit. Used in a sentence, “That new Stevie Wonder album is so funky.”

What does the phrase “the fuzz” mean?

  • Police
  • Sweater pills
  • Shaved ice
  • Bubble wrap

This term came about as a mispronunciation of the term police force. Used in a sentence, “The fuzz broke up our party last night because our neighbors complained about the noise.”

What does the term “hunk” mean?

  • A rocky cliff
  • A handsome man
  • Tropical bird
  • Half a bolt of fabric

The term hunk typically refers to a handsome man, or someone who is in great shape. Used in a sentence, “I just saw “Grease,” John Travolta is such a hunk.”

What does the term “primo” mean?

  • An old car
  • A coastal weather pattern
  • An unfamiliar smell
  • High quality

This term may have originated among surfers, who would use the word primo to describe the day’s waves. Used in a sentence, “Hawaii has some primo waves, you should visit sometime.”
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