QUIZ: How Well Do You Remember “Dirty Dancing?”

“Dirty Dancing” was released in 1987. This classic coming of age story broke barriers and shed light on some taboo subjects. You’ve probably seen the movie countless times and even tried recreating the iconic lift scene with your friends. But how well do you really remember the movie “Dirty Dancing?”

What is the name of the resort that Baby's family stayed at?

  • Kellerman's Resort
  • The Sheldrake Hotel

The Mountain Lake Lodge, located in Pembroke, Virginia, served as the location of most of the scenes at Kellerman's. Throughout the year, the resort hosts "Dirty Dancing" themed weekends, which include scavenger hunts, dances, and a screening of the movie.

What is Baby's real name?

  • Betty
  • Frances

Although the role ultimately went to Jennifer Grey, Baby Houseman was almost played by Sarah Jessica Parker. Sarah lost out on the role due to the intense on-screen chemistry between Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze.

What is the name of Johnny's cousin?

  • Billy
  • Bobby

The character of Johnny was Italian in the original script. While Billy Zane looked the part, he couldn't dance the part. Once Patrick Swayze was hired for the role, the character was rewritten for him.

Who is Johnny's dance partner?

  • Penny
  • Jennifer

Penny is played by Cynthia Rhodes. Rhodes also starred in the 1983 film "Flashdance" as Tina Tech as well as "Staying Alive," in which she played Jackie, opposite John Travolta.

Who directed "Dirty Dancing?"

  • Jerry Orbach
  • Emile Ardolino

Before directing "Dirty Dancing," Emile had only directed a few episodes of TV series and a documentary. "Dirty Dancing" was his directorial debut on a feature-length film. He later went on to direct "Sister Act."

Baby has to borrow money from her father for Penny's surgery. How much money did she need?

  • $250
  • $150

When trying to get financial backing for the film, many people wanted the abortion plot-line to be removed, feeling it was taboo. However, Eleanor Bergstein, who wrote the script, argued that without that plot-line, the whole movie falls apart.

Jake Houseman, Baby's father, has what profession?

  • Doctor
  • Lawyer

Jerry Orbach has been nominated for three Tony Awards, and he won a Tony for Lead Actor in "Promises, Promises." If his voice seems familiar, Orbach was also the voice of Lumière in "Beauty and the Beast."

Baby says that she wants to _________ after graduating from college.

  • Join the Peace Corps
  • Travel around the world

Eleanor Bergstein, the screenwriter of "Dirty Dancing," used herself as inspiration for Baby Houseman. Eleanor was nicknamed Baby in her youth, and had the nickname until she was in her twenties. She based the movie loosely on her life, her family and her summers in the Catskills.

What does Johnny get falsely accused of doing?

  • Stealing cash from the hotel
  • Stealing a guest's wallet

Patrick Swayze was the first choice for the role of Johnny, but he did not list dancing experience on his resume, so he was passed over. It wasn't until later that the production found out about his experience, and brought him back in.

Who do you later find out was the father of Penny's baby?

  • Robbie
  • Neil

The first test audience that was shown the film responded so negatively to the movie that the producers considered releasing the film straight to VHS. It's a good thing that they changed their minds because the movie made over $200 million during its theatrical release.

What book does Robbie try to give to Baby?

  • "Catcher in the Rye" by J. D. Salinger
  • "The Fountainhead" by Ayn Rand

In 1997, Conan O'Brien jokingly told his viewers to send letters to the production company that produced the film to re-release "Dirty Dancing." The company received so many letters that they re-released the film just in time for its tenth anniversary.

What excuse does Baby tell Lisa to tell their parents before she goes to meet up with Johnny?

  • She has cramps
  • She has a headache

Kelly Bishop originally played Vivian when production began. However, she was switched to the role of Baby's mother, Marjorie Houseman. Miranda Garrison, who was the assistant choreographer on the film, took over the role of Vivian Pressman.

Who does Lisa want to go out with?

  • Robbie
  • Neil

Lisa Houseman, played by Jane Brucker, co-wrote the "Hula Hana" number at the end of the film. Lisa was supposed to sing a song from "South Pacific," but they didn't have the budget to include the song in the movie.

In what year was the film set?

  • 1963
  • 1965

Patrick Swayze didn't like the line, "Nobody puts Baby in a corner." He hated it so much that he asked the director if they could get rid of the line. But, once he saw it spoken onscreen, Swayze changed his mind.

Neil tells Johnny to do what dance, instead of the usual mambo, at the end-of-the-season show?

  • Pachanga
  • Tango

The iconic lift at the end of the film was only shot once! Jennifer Grey stated in several interviews that what we see on screen was her first timing doing it; however, she and Patrick practiced the lift several times during the scene in the lake.

What did Baby help carry to the clubhouse?

  • A watermelon
  • A plate of food

All of the music for the film was decided on before filming started. The producer and screenwriter, Eleanor Bergstein, had chosen each song with a specific scene in mind. Thankfully, they got the rights to use all of the songs she originally had in mind in the movie.

Where did Neil go to college?

  • Cornell School of Hotel Management
  • Johnson and Wales College of Hospitality Management

Neil was played by Lonny Price. After this film, he transitioned to working on Broadway, working as both an actor and director. In 2001, he received a Tony nomination for Best Book for his musical, "A Class Act."

Where do Johnny and Baby dance the mambo?

  • Kellerman's Resort
  • The Sheldrake Hotel

Patrick Swayze insisted on doing his own stunts for the movie, specifically during the scene in which Johnny and Baby dance on a log. Unfortunately, during the filming of that scene, he fell off the log, injured himself and delayed production.

What is the name of the song that the cast dances to at the end of the film?

  • "(I've Had) The Time of My Life"
  • "Some Kind of Wonderful"

"(I've Had) The Time of My Life" was an instant hit after the release of "Dirty Dancing." The singers, Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes, won a Grammy award; while the songwriters took home the Oscar for Best Original Song.

What color shoes does Lisa say she should have brought along?

  • Coral
  • Teal

Jane Brucker was told they might not have time to film that "Hula Hana" scene. But at the last minute, production was able to set it up, and she only had two takes to get it right. Brucker is a trained singer, and purposefully sang off-key.

What is Johnny's last name?

  • Castle
  • Kostecki

The role of Johnny Castle almost went to Billy Zane or Val Kilmer. Billy was a popular choice, and the production paired him with Sarah Jessica Parker and Jennifer Grey, to see who would have the better onscreen chemistry.

When Baby first arrives at the clubhouse, what song is playing?

  • "Do You Love Me"
  • "Loveman"

The choreographer of "Dirty Dancing" was Kenny Ortega. You're probably familiar with his work; he was the choreographer for the "High School Musical" trilogy, "The Descendants" trilogy, "Newsies," and so much more!

What does Johnny say is the most important part of lifts?

  • Balance
  • Trust

When Jennifer and Patrick performed the lift in the lake, it was freezing! It was 40 degrees Fahrenheit outside. The reason that there are no close-up shots of the actors in that scene is because their lips started turning blue.

When Baby goes to see Johnny again, what does she tell her dad that she is doing?

  • Playing ping pong
  • Playing charades

Jennifer Grey almost didn't do the film when she found out that she would act alongside Patrick Swayze. They worked on "Red Dawn" together, and she thought he was a jerk. After they met up and talked, she accepted the role.

When Neil walks in on Baby and Johnny, what song are they dancing to?

  • "Hungry Eyes"
  • "Love is Strange"

This entire scene was improvised and was not meant to be included in the final film. However, Jennifer and Patrick were messing around on the set, and director, Emile, decided to film them. Luckily his background in documentaries came to good use.
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