What Type of Girlfriend Are You?

Some people change a lot when they enter a relationship and other people stay the same whether they’re single or dating. Whether they are passionate about every last detail or they couldn’t be farther from being a hopeless romantic, every girl has their own style when it comes to dating. 

Some girls start planning a future together after the first date and other girls go with the flow even after they’ve walked down the aisle! Are you a ride or die or a play by the rules kind of girl? Find out below what kind of girlfriend you really are!

What is your ideal date?

  • A picnic in the park
  • Going to see a movie
  • Lunch at the cafe
  • A romantic dinner

You haven’t heard from your significant other all day, what do you do?

  • Not worry, I trust them
  • I didn’t even notice
  • I’m worried, but don’t say anything
  • I called them ten times already

It’s your significant other’s birthday, what do you do?

  • Make them a romantic dinner at home
  • Buy them something expensive
  • Go out to a concert with friends
  • I forgot, maybe I’ll scrape something together

What is you favorite quality about yourself?

  • My good looks
  • My impeccable taste in music
  • My cooking abilities
  • My ability to listen to others

Your partner left some dishes in the sink, what do you do?

  • Wash them
  • Remind them to wash them
  • Pile your dishes alongside them
  • Tell your S.O. that you’re not a maid!

You caught your significant other flirting with someone else, what do you do?

  • Dump them immediately
  • Brush it off, everyone flirts sometimes
  • Get ready for a long conversation
  • Start flirting with someone else too, it’s only fair

What kind of wedding do you want to have?

  • A grand wedding in a castle
  • A quiet ceremony by the beach
  • A small wedding with our closest friends
  • We’ll elope

How much money do you want your significant other to have?

  • I don’t care
  • Enough money to splurge on something nice
  • At least twice their salary in savings
  • More than me

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

  • 5 minutes
  • 15 minutes
  • 30 minutes
  • At least an hour

Which season is your favorite?

  • Summer
  • Fall
  • Winter
  • Spring

Your date left their phone on the table, what do you do?

  • Start snooping
  • Tweet from their account
  • Change their Facebook status
  • Ignore it

How many times do you text your boyfriend every day?

  • At least once
  • Dozens
  • Hundreds
  • We don’t text

What would you wear on a first date?

  • A little black dress
  • A cute top and jeans
  • Sweatpants
  • A suit

How many pets do you have?

  • None
  • Just one
  • Many dogs
  • I live on a farm

Your significant other wants to go see a movie that you know you’ll hate, what do you do?

  • Go see the movie, it’ll be fine
  • Convince them to see something else
  • Tell them to see the movie alone
  • Talk loudly during the movie

What is your favorite thing about your significant other?

  • Their compassion
  • Their knowledge
  • Their sense of humor
  • Their style

Which celebrity couple are you?

  • Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez
  • Oprah and Steadman
  • Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson
  • Jay-Z and Beyoncé

What do you have for breakfast?

  • A smoothie
  • Bacon and eggs
  • Just coffee
  • A Pop-Tart

Choose a dance style:

  • Tango
  • Samba
  • Waltz
  • Cha-cha-cha

If you could change one thing about your relationship, what would it be?

  • I wish we spent more quality time together
  • I wish my significant other was taller
  • I wish I knew where our relationship was headed
  • I wish we did more exciting things together

How long was your longest relationship?

  • Six weeks
  • Six months
  • Two years
  • Five years

Are you friends with your significant other’s friends?

  • No, I don’t like their friends
  • Yes, we’re all one big family
  • No, I don’t care who they hang out with
  • Yes, I hang out with them sometimes

What is your love language?

  • Quality time
  • Words of affirmation
  • Receiving gifts
  • Acts of service

Who is more important, your friends or your significant other?

  • It depends on the day
  • Friends always come first
  • I put myself first
  • My significant other comes first

What does your family think of your partner?

  • They haven’t met them yet
  • They all love my partner
  • They could take them or leave them
  • They’re coming around to them

Your partner gives you a gift you don’t like, what do you do?

  • Tell them you hate it, it’s important to be honest
  • Put on a smile and pretend you like it
  • Pretend to like it and return it later
  • Regift it to someone else later

What is your dream vacation?

  • A quiet, sunny beach in Hawaii
  • An amusement park in the South
  • A thrilling rainforest in the Amazon
  • An ancient temple in Asia

How soon do you introduce your partner to your parents?

  • ASAP, they need to know who’s in my life
  • I’ll wait a few months
  • Never, it’s none of their business
  • Only if it’s right

Your S.O. texts you “hey.” How do you respond?

  • I don’t respond, I’m worth more than one word
  • Say hey back
  • Say “how are you?”
  • Wait a few hours then respond

Which show would you stream with your date?

  • “Friends”
  • “Gossip Girl”
  • “Stranger Things”
  • “The Walking Dead”