The 10 Best Reactions to Villanova’s Championship-Winning Buzzer-Beater

Bradley Whitaker
(Photo: Getty)

The basketball world is still in awe over Kris Jenkins' game-winning buzzer-beater that gave Villanova their first national championship since 1985.

It's hard to imagine Monday night's game won't go down as the greatest in college basketball history. If that story were written in a movie, we'd all say it was a lazy Hollywood ending that wasn't based in in reality.

To those rooting for Villanova, the dopamine rush must have been incredible. But there's always a team on the other side.

Here are the 10 best reactions to Jenkins' buzzer-beater (good and bad).


1. The Villanova radio call paired with the students inside the Pavilion on campus.


2. This security guard forgot to do his job for a brief moment.


3. Charles Barkley's reaction (and the trash talk to Kenny Smith).

If the game is going on behind Chuck, why is he watching it on the TV monitor?


4. Villanova head coach Jay Wright had the classic “look like you've been there before” reaction (even though he's never been there before).


5. Here's what it looked like from the stands.


6. However, things weren't quite as happy inside the Dean Smith Center in Chapel Hill.


7. And North Carolina's poor mascot pretty much got beat up by security just seconds after his team's defeat.


8. It wasn't a fun night for these guys.


9. Despite his team losing, Michael Jordan didn't cry.


10. And finally, Blake Griffin couldn't believe it.

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