20 Funniest Reactions to ESPN Fantasy Football’s Embarrassing Week 1 Fail

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: ESPN)

ESPN fantasy football failed its users on the first Sunday of the season … again.

Fantasy football users not wise enough to use Yahoo worldwide were disappointed during most of the 1 p.m. ET slate of NFL games during Week 1 when they had hoped to check on the progress of their fantasy teams, only to find that both the ESPN fantasy app and webpage didn't work due to overuse.

The same thing happened last year.

Sure, the ESPN fantasy bootball app broke a record in the sports category with 94.4 unique users in 2015, but one would expect that, after learning their lesson a season ago, ESPN and its servers would be ready to pass with flying colors to prove their detractors wrong.

Prove wrong they did not, and ESPN fantasy users with Twitter handles the world over let them know it.


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