Why NBA Players Are Accusing The Refs Of Helping The Warriors In Game 7

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

The Rockets didn’t do themselves many favors in Game 7 against the Warriors.

The West’s No. 1 seed bricked 27 three-pointers from the middle of the second quarter to the middle of the fourth in the finale of the conference finals. They didn’t make a single three in that stretch.

Thanks in part to the Rockets’ inaccuracy, the Warriors walked away with a 101-92 victory and a ticket to the NBA Finals.

But according to several NBA players and humans with eyes, the Warriors got a lot of help.

NBA players like DeMarcus Cousins.

And former Warriors point guard Jeremy Lin.

And perhaps C.J. McCollum.

Two more former stars agreed with them: Chris Webber and Reggie Miller, who were working the game for TNT.

Jordan Bell couldn’t even help from looking guilty as hell each time he fouled James Harden mid-three-pointer.

Yes, the Rockets shot a putrid 7-of-44 from downtown. They also left plenty of points at the line, shooting 13-of-22.

But they still lost by just nine. One’s gotta assume the game would have been much tighter had it been officiated by those with the benefit of sight, and not by a universally despised official with just the sketchiest history.