3 NBA Refs All Miss Blatant Double Dribble and Travel in One Play

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

The Los Angeles Clippers and Brooklyn Nets, of all teams, came together for one of the more exciting games of the NBA's young season.

But before the Nets came away with a mildly surprising double-overtime victory—Blake Griffin did not play—the contest started started with an utter failure on the part of a butt load of people being paid to take part in the festivities.

On the very first play of the game, Nets wing Bojan Bogdanovic took a pass from Brook Lopez, dribbled, picked up his dribble, moved both his feet, then dribbled again.

Yeah, that's a double dribble. And a travel.

Let's go over everyone that screws up here: There's the three refs, Ken Mauer, Lauren Holtkamp, and Kevin Scott, who get paid because they're supposedly more likely to notice this sort of thing; there's Bogdanovic, for obvious reasons; and the Clippers, notoriously arduous complainers, either didn't notice or thought it too early to wear out their vocal cords (J.J. Redick definitely made brief mention of it).

There's also the hilarious fail on the part of Los Angeles' play-by-play man, who referred to the Croatian with the pormanteau "Bojanovic," which is not a nickname, but it might have to be now.

Eventually everyone got their sh*t together, though, as the Nets overcame a 16-point deficit late in the third quarter behind Sean Kilpatrick and his career-high 38 points, winning 127-122 after two extra periods.

Clippers head coach Doc Rivers did finally lose it though, after this very obvious foul on Chris Paul.

He got hit with two technicals and thrown out of the game.

Never change, Doc. (Just kidding, please change. It's embarrassing when your player gets whistled for hitting a guy in the face and you go apoplectic.)