49ers Make Jimmy Garoppolo NFL’s Highest-Paid Player, Reporter Claims Tom Brady Is Salty


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Jimmy Garoppolo started the 2017 NFL season as Tom Brady’s backup. As of right now, he’s set to make twice as much as the New England Patriots starter while helming the San Francisco 49ers. And that allegedly doesn’t add up to Brady, who reportedly was “famously unhelpful” toward his protege and saw him as a threat until the Pats traded him across the country.

Garoppolo has already started making New England regret it. Following the deal, the quarterback went 5-0 in his only five starts to close the season, with the last three wins coming against playoff teams, weakening the draft pick the Patriots had received from a mid-30s pick to the 42nd. And his impressive run could in turn end up hurting New England’s wallet.

On Wednesday, the 49ers signed Garoppolo to a five-year, $137.5 million extension. His average annual value of $27.5 million is the highest in NFL history, narrowly edging out the record set by Matthew Stafford and the Detroit Lions in August. Only $74 million of Garoppolo’s deal is guaranteed, however, which is less in guarantees than Stafford ($92 million) and Andrew Luck ($87 million) have.

Brady famously took less money than he deserved on his last contract to allow Bill Belichick to strengthen the Patriots elsewhere. Now that Garoppolo’s been paid in record-setting stacks, Brady’s reportedly changing his tune.

From the Boston Herald‘s Ron Borges:

According to sources close to the league’s Most Valuable Player, Brady is ready to sit out all of this year’s offseason organized team activities unless he receives a contract extension that carries with it up-front money similar to what his former protege, Jimmy Garoppolo, will receive from the San Francisco 49ers.

Then again, two reporters have disputed the story so far.

Brady is likely in line for a contract extension this offseason, so we’ll see who’s right if and when he signs one.


After being called out by multiple reporters, the Herald deleted their story. “We are currently investigating this matter,” sports editor Sean Leahy told Deadspin.