8-Year-Old Golfer Destroys a Drone out of Midair

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Instagram)

Fun fact: Drones are for more than just spying and delivering pizza.

Yes, the third use of these flying, remote-controlled objects is athletic training.

We’ve already seen Tampa Bay Lightning captain Steve Stamkos use them for target practice, sniping the devices over the ice.

We’ve seen, too, All-Star point guard Kyle Lowry utilize them to work on his dishing.

Then there was Toronto Blue Jays freak outfielder Kevin Pillar, who honed his cannon from the grass by destroying drones out of the sky.

But all of those athletes destroyed the machines for the sake of hawking sports equipment for Canadian retailer Sport Chek.

Eight-year-old Ruby Kavanagh, however, seems to be in it for the love of the destruction—and working on her golf swing.

The young Australian nailed a drone out of midair, with her driver no less.

Okay, okay. So maybe technically she wasn’t trying to drill the drone out of the sky. But considering it was floating right damn in front of Ruby, what does the robot expect?

Besides, the spot was captured by Drone Gear, which is, I sh*t you not, a “drone lifestyle channel.” So they should have plenty lying around, if anything.