Aaron Rodgers Has A Broken Collarbone, Thinks Hit Was Dirty

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

The Green Bay Packers are down a two-time MVP, and could be for the rest of the season—quarterback Aaron Rodgers suffered a broken collarbone during his team’s Sunday tilt with the Minnesota Vikings.

Halfway through the first quarter, linebacker Anthony Barr pounded Rodgers as the QB failed to connect with tight end Martellus Bennett.

Not soon after the hit, Rodgers was diagnosed with a broken collarbone.

As the quarterback walked off the field, he shouted some choice words at Barr.

Understandably, Packers fans didn’t take the news lightly.

His fantasy owners aren’t exactly stoked either.

Rodgers suffered a broken collarbone back in 2013, and was able to return eight weeks later. The injury often calls for season-ending surgery.

With Brett Hundley under center, the Packers are trailing the Vikings 20-10 in the fourth quarter.


The Vikings held on for a 23-10 win.