Actor Michael Rapaport Had Some Choice Words for ‘F**k-Up’ Tony Romo

Joe Welkie
(Photo: Twitter / Getty)

Recently, former NFL quarterback Tony Romo was honored at a Dallas Mavericks game. He practiced with the team, watched game film with the team, and even id a little bit of scrimmaging with the Mavs. It was all to honor the recently retired Romo, who is a well-respected figure in the Dallas community.

Actor Michael Rapaport doesn't give a damn about the ceremony, posting a video on Twitter voicing his displeasure with the honor. In his expletive-riddled tirade, he calls Romo a f**k-up numerous times and lays out exactly why people shouldn't be making a big deal about the former Cowboys QB.

Well. I mean. He does have a point. Romo did choke quite a bit during his career. I guess he just didn't have to put it so bluntly. Still pretty hilarious.

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