Adrian Beltre Belts 429-Foot Home Run From Down on One Knee


(Photo: Getty)

Adrian Beltre is a goddamn hero.

In addition to his quest to make baseball fun all the time, Beltre heroically saved opponent Jose Bautista from getting his ass beat by Rougned Odor after the now-famous punch to the grill.

He also has super human strength, able to launch 429-foot home runs from down on one knee, like he did on Tuesday against the Oakland Athletics.

A two-run dinger off the bat of Ian Desmond in the top of the ninth gave Beltre's Texas Rangers a one-run lead. But it wouldn't last long.

Athletics outfielder Khris Davis hit a game-winning grand slam in the bottom half of the final frame—one of three homers for the outfielder in the game.

"The adrenaline was pumping so fast; it was an amazing feeling," Davis said. "It was pretty extraordinary to see the fans go off the way they did. It was a rush."

He celebrated by shooting a jumpshot with his helmet while jogging down the third base line.

"It was a swish," Davis said. "I can dunk, too."