Adrian Beltre Calls Timeout to Laugh at Opposing Pitcher


(Photo: Getty)

Adrian Beltre is so underrated.

And not just as a baseball player, but as a dude, regardless of whether he's wearing tights or oot.

His very underappreciated career numbers (415 HRs, 2,780 hits, 1,476 RBI, four Gold Gloves and still going strong) are enough to get him into the Hall of Fame, but it's his damn charming personality that's got me won over.

In addition to being a baseball genius, he's a funny guy who isn't too big to laugh on the field, as exhibited by his almost too cute relationship with Elvus Andrus.

That personality reared its smile-inducing head once again on Thursday night, as Beltre and the Texas Rangers took on Baltimore Orioles starter Chris Tillman, who was most certainly not feeling it.

In the fourth inning, Tillman threw Beltre a pitch that Harry Doyle would describe as just a bit outside.

The ball didn't reach the backstop before Beltre had his hands in the air to call timeout and laugh the pitch off.

When he finally stepped back in, it didn't take Beltre long to realize that both he and Orioles catcher Matt Wieters were laughing too hard to play baseball.

So he wisely stepped back out.

The third baseman would finish 1-for-3 with a run scored in the Rangers' 6-3 victory.

He also flashed some nice leather back in his corner office.

At 37, Beltre is still a rake, hitting .310 on the young season with 9 RBI in 11 games.